May 15, 2018, 5:45pm
Archway Gallery
2305 Dunlavy St.

Need to find a date for the prom? We hope not. But you very well might need a date for the upcoming collaboration!

May’s meeting will give you a great opportunity to meet many WiVLA artists and writers by “speed-dating!” You will have the opportunity to have a short five-minute chat with many of our artists and writers. You can find out what their art and/or writing is like, how they approach a new theme, what their vision might be for collaboration with the theme of S P A C E, how they like to work, what is their vision of collaboration, etc. Artists should bring one or two small pieces or photos of pieces to help show their work. Writers may not want to bring anything or just one or two short pieces. Time goes fast when you’re speed-dating!

"An ekphrastic poem is like a jolt of electricity surging through a work of art"
- Patricia Smith, ARTLines2

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