April 2018

WiVLA’s ECO Fund Deadline is April 6
Educational and Cultural Opportunity Awards 2018       
     Editor's note: Please see the essay by Cori Austin directly below.

Opportunity is knocking on your door!
      WiVLA’s ECO Fund scholarship awards will be chosen at the April 17 meeting. The application is on the website, http://www.wivla.org/eco.htm  and can either be sent via email (save the form on your computer, fill it out and attach the form to your email), or by mail. All applications must be received or postmarked by Friday April 6, 2018.
      There are certain specifications to having an accepted application, so read carefully. Applications are reviewed, and all names whose application falls within the guidelines are placed either an “artist” box or “writer” box. One name from each box will be chosen at random at the April 17 meeting. Everyone has an equal chance of being selected.
      The program that evening will be presentations by the 2017 scholarship winners, Mary R. Ramain and Kay McStay. Then, drum roll… the new awardees will be chosen. It is always a fascinating and exciting program!  
 Please note the meeting location!
The Printing Museum, 1324 Clay St.,  Houston TX 77019    5:45 – Mix and Mingle     6:15 –  Short Business Meeting     6:30 to 7:30 – Program
Optional dinner at Pronto Cucinino's on Montrose
to follow (dutch treat).

President's Message: Take a Chance
     Opportunity is everywhere, and it is especially noticeable here at WiVLA: occasions to meet women artists, writers, and performers; availability of interesting programs, which stimulate and educate;  new collaborations, exhibitions, and reading events; and, of course, our ECO Fund Awards.  ECO stands for “economic and cultural opportunity” – see? There it is again: opportunity. Many of our past grants have made a huge difference in our members’ creative lives – trips for research, workshops around the world, equipment that was needed to move from amateur to professional status, computers to make managing the creative work more efficient -- the list is as varied as our members. But all of them took a chance, they created a dream, they put their name in the hat, and they believed it might be possible. 
   What’s to lose? All it takes is a few minutes to fill out the form delineating that dream, and send it in. All we do here on the board is verify your membership (two consecutive years of paid dues), and then your name goes in the hat. Two winners will be chosen, a writer and a visual artist or performer. It’s all luck, it has nothing to do with the sentence structure of your proposal (although we do hope if you are a writer, it shows promise!) There is only one tiny requirement: a twenty-minute program the following year which describes how you answered your dream. 
   “I never wi-“  “I am not luc-“  “This will never hap-“ “Why bothe-“
    Stop that right now! In the words of our intrepid Vice-President, Lee Steiner, “Why not me?” We all deserve the gift of opportunity. It is knocking on someone’s door, begging to be let in. What if it was your door, and you didn’t apply?
   Applications are due April 6, either by mail or an attachment online to info@wivla.org so you still have a few days to submit. 
   And, don’t miss our April Meeting: Last year’s ECO Fund winners, Kay McStay and Mary Riggs Ramain, will present their ECO Fund reports so we can all enjoy the fruits of their opportunity. Then….drum roll…..two new winners will be chosen! 
   Cori Austin
 Houston poet and winner of the Texas PEN Literary Award, Sarah Cortez, presents a workshop for WIVLA: 
Use of Poetic Techniques to Make Your Prose Sparkle
     This hands-on workshop will engage both poets and prose writers to sprinkle their creative output with the most effective tricks-of-the-trade commonly used to amp up poetry’s effectiveness. It's a perfect class for the prose you’ve written that seems tired, a trifle limp, or simply boring—yet, you don’t quite know how to fix. It's also a great class for poets who wonder why their lines seem predictable, sluggish, or perhaps, simply forgettable. The beginning writer will also benefit greatly from this excellent instructor. Join in our fun as we focus on understanding and using poetic techniques to max out the power and reader-engagement with our writing.
 Day & Time:  April 28  9:30am -12:30pm
Location:  Central Market,   3815 Westheimer Road
Limited to 15 participants         $45 Wivla members/$60 public
To register: http://wivla.org/workshops.htm 
Cortez’s most recent anthology, Vanishing Points, has been named a 2016 Southwest Book of the Year and won first place for editing in the Press Women of Texas annual awards. It has also been shortlisted for an International Latino Book Award and won the prestigious First Place in Editing from the National Federation of Press Women. She is a Councilor of the Texas Institute of Letters and Fellow of the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and has been a finalist for City of Houston poet laureate and State of Texas poet laureate. She teaches poetry, fiction, memoir, and creative writing. She has served 25 proud years as a peace officer in Texas.

  Is  it the final frontier?
  Is it inner space or out there space?
  Does it describe a particular area?
  Whatever it means to you, find a collaborator and have FUN!! This collaboration will be hung and presented at the Houston Public Library central building in downtown Houston in November and December. If you’ve never done a collaboration, it’s usually a written work created to match an art piece. So start thinking about ideas. Our May meeting will be “Speed Dating” to help you find a collaboration partner. More specific information and a prospectus will be forthcoming soon.
   WiVLA is well known for its Collaboration events. Very few other organizations offer a such a unique venture. Please consider this opportunity! The growth of each artist and the pure pleasure of the working time together will be unforgettable.
   What is a collaboration? It is an exhibition which ties together two artistic avenues, often writing and visual art, and they are presented together. The creatives meet several times and discuss the path they would like to take to expand the theme (in this case, S P A C E) into a piece of visual art that connects to a written piece. Or, performance could be one of the avenues. The partners decide how they want to complete the project, each doing 100% of her own part or combining both partners into both avenues, if desired. Here is a video of two of our members about their 2016 collaboration: https://youtu.be/KYj9lftuJJ8
     Working together, a collaboration becomes greater than the two artists. A third presence is awoken, one of connection and spirit.
     Notice: May’s monthly meeting will be a fun “Speed Dating” event when we visit as many different members as possible for 4-5 minutes to show our work and get a feel for each other. If you are unable to do the collaboration, please join us anyway, as you will have a chance to meet lots of members and get to know them during the conversations. (June Russell and Cori Austin contributed to this notice. Thanks!)
WiVLA Poetry Reading at LaPorte Community Library
LaPorte Library invites us to be their guests as they open their Adult Summer Reading Program!  Look through your poetry files and join other WiVLA writers as we read one of our own poems to an appreciative audience. Plan on about 4 minutes to read.  We will need to limit entries to 12, so send your response as soon as you can.  
Date:  Saturday, June 9, 2018
Time:  10:30 - 11:30
Place:  LaPorte Community Library, 600 S. Broadway  77571 (about 30 min. from 77002) 
Carpooling is a definite possibility for those who want to share rides.  
  • If you can drive, please indicate that in your acceptance to this opportunity, along with your phone number and zip code, and the number of extra riders you can take.  
  • If you need a ride, please indicate so, along with your phone number and zip code.  

     We’ll put together a list and you can call someone who lives near you or someone you can meet at a mutually agreeable place.
     Also you may want to consider going out for lunch together after the reading (completely optional, but always fun!).  I have asked the Librarian, Betsy Anderson, for recommendations for a restaurant.  
     Questions:  email Gladys Bullock gmbullockcommunication@yahoo.com  or info@wivla.org 

  • May Meeting – Speed Dating! Since we will have a collaboration event in November, we want to provide members with an opportunity to meet and get to know each other, so you can choose a collaboration partner. We’ll provide a few questions to help guide you, but also be thinking of things you want to ask others or present about yourself.
  • October -- Houston History Alliance project for October – more info coming soon.
  • Leigh Owen announces the White Glove Salon. Save the date for this University of Houston's Rare Books Collections event on Wednesday, April 18, 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the University of Houston MD Anderson Library, Honors College. Click here to view the save-the-date card and information. The evening will feature book treasures from the university's Rare Books Collections displayed with art pieces they inspired. Participating artists producing these works are Cori Austin, Janet Reynolds, Lee Steiner, and more. Janet was inspired by a rare palm leaf book and Lee's amazingly detailed art book, "Field Guide to Four-Footed Beasts," was inspired by Topsell's History of Four-Footed Beasts and Serpents. Make plans to attend. Invitation to follow.
  • Marian Szczepanski will be a panelist and presenter at Writefest coming up April 30 to May 6 at Writespace in Silver Street Studios. She’ll be teaching a mini-workshop “What Obituaries Can Teach Us about Crafting Believable Characters” for prose writers. Registration info and the festival schedule at https://www.writefesthouston.com   The mini-workshop will be Saturday, May 5 from 10:00 to 11:00 am. The website offers the festival schedule.
  • Google Photos and Facebook items by Regina Vitolo Mader, our social media guru. Regina encourages everyone to share their WiVLA photos to a Google album. Click here to read her thoughtful request and see more details. Regina says: "Hi, everyone, this is a link to WIVLA'S GOOGLE PHOTOS ALBUM. Please feel free to to upload any of your own WiVLA photos, or email them to me at clockbirdstar@gmail.com." Use this link to the album itself. And, finally, use this one for a how-to tutorial on Facebook. 
  • March’s Meeting: Muralist Anat Ronen Inspires Crowd:
      Archway’s back gallery was filled with eager WiVLA members as Anat Ronen set up her program. The sense of anticipation was high, and Anat delivered! She gave us a colorful ride through her journey from finance manager in Israel to street artist in Houston.
       Anat’s paint-spattered pants and easy delivery gave us access to a woman who is a living artist. She lives her art, she is her art. Warm and friendly, she described the growth of her career and how the chance opportunity to do a mural changed her artistic direction. She travels widely creating street painting, 3D chalk drawings, and murals. Her husband is part of her business, creating many of the panels and canvases she uses.
       Find out more about her on her website: http://www.anatronen.com/index.html
    Here is a favorite quote from her presentation: “Every project teaches me something new – about art, about people, about myself. Every project takes me to a new adventure, to new discoveries. Every mural, every piece of art I produce stays in me, but also takes away a part of my soul. My artistic metamorphosis is now complete in a sense that I cannot see myself as anything else. I have become my art.”
        Keep your eyes open for her work around Houston!

Please send in your news by the 20th of each month - art exhibits, literary works, news, etc. -  for incluMesion in the following month’s newsletter to newsletter@wivla.org.
  • Melody Locke says that one of her lumen prints, "Three Tulips", was accepted for the Floral Exhibition, which is on display from March 2 through June 8 in the lobby of the Kinder Morgan building. The Kinder Morgan building is located at 1001 Louisiana and the exhibition is on view Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. For more information about the Kinder-Morgan Exhibition Series, see the Glassell School of Art website at Kinder Morgan Exhibition Series | The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston   
  • The Glassell School of Art is proud to present a series of exhibitions at the Kinder Morgan Building in downtown Houston. The series features artworks by Studio School faculty and students, highlighting the depth and variety of courses that the Glassell School offers. Viewing days and times noted above. For more information on this exhibition series, contact glassell@mfah.org or 713.639.7500.
  • Sharon Worley is exhibiting at the Lake Houston Area Artists Show on Saturday, April 28 at the Kingwood Community Center, 4102 Rustic Woods Drive, Kingwood TX 77345. Public viewing of the art will be from 12:30 to 4:00 pm. 
  • Josena Arquieta and Jane Mulholland invite you to their studio in the Silos #313 at 1502 Sawyer Street for Second Saturday, April 14 from Noon to 5:00 pm and for the Spring Biennial, Saturday, April 28 from 4:00 to 9:00 pm. "On both days we will feature “Creators at Play” as people look at our art and join the fun making a picture and playing with slime!"
  • Editor’s Note: We know a lot of you are showing your work and getting articles and books published, so we ask you to send the information to newsletter@WiVLA.org by the 25th of each month. We want to support you and come to your openings and readings; timely info to the newsletter gets the word to members and their friends and contacts.

~Member Patricia Flaherty Pagan, editor-in-chief at Spider Road Press, calls attention to the new press release and announcements at the press. On February 15th, the Spider's Web Flash Fiction Prize contest opened for submissions of pieces of 750 words or fewer, featuring a complex, female-identifying protagonist. The cash prize this year has been
increased to $300, however, the $10 entry fee has remained the same. We've
also increased the number of honorable mentioned awarded from two to four,
this year. Further details can be found in the attached press release or
on our website. Entries are accepted until May 15th deadline.
Please see the excellent website for news, contests, and book suggestions. A link to the press website is here.   http://www.spiderroadpress.com

~ Many artists and writers point to the excellent website for Public Poetry events for the month and call for submissions and contests. Click the blue link for PP's great web page.   http://www.publicpoetry.net   (The editor notes that the Public Poetry website is always hopping with ideas, events, and opportunities for collaboration.)

~Also, the Fuente Collective is sponsoring writing events this spring. Find them at www.fuenteco.com

~Denise Bossarte points our attention to a new prize. Around February 22, it was announced that a San Antonio couple, art collectors Steven Alan Bennett and Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt, will begin their inaugural Bennett Prize, the largest prize offered solely to women painters (painting in the figurative realist style). The winner will receive $25,000 annually for two years. The prize comes out of the Pittsburgh Foundation and is open to women artists throughout the U.S. For more information about eligibility, visit the Bennett Prize website https://thebennettprize.org/call-for-entries

~ Events and upcoming shows are noted on the Visual Arts Alliance (VAA) helpful website at http://visualartsalliance.org/

~ Archway Gallery has a great website: Click here to go to the website. Monthly exhibits and special events. 

~Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts (TALA) has a good website at www.talarts.org and it lists the events and workshops that they sponsor. 
Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts was formed in 1979 to meet the legal and accounting needs of artists and art nonprofit organizations across the State of Texas. TALA volunteers throughout Texas handle more than 250 matters per year. In 2016, TALA began serving inventors in the Patent Pro Bono Program.

~ Houston Art Alliance site http://houstonartsalliance.com/

~14 Pews located at 800 Aurora Street, Houston TX 77009 is a space for cultural events, theater, films, readings, and more. Visit them at this site

~Call for entries for the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award.  This creative writing award is a platform for emerging and established poets and writers to showcase their work to an international audience. There are two categories: Poetry and short fiction. Entries are open until August 31. http://www.aestheticamagazine.com/cwa 
     Literary Events -- Call for Entries
     And see Announcements section of the newsletter

   Jane Mulholland sends us multiple websites announcing WriteFest for 2018. Writefest is a week-long writers' festival taking place April 30 - May 6, 2018 in Houston, TX. It is hosted by Houston Writers' Guild, a nonprofit, volunteer-led community of writers in the Greater Houston area, and Writespace, Houston's grassroots nonprofit literary arts center. The festival kicks off with a series of Monday-Thursday workshops and culminates in a weekend filled with panels and presentations by local and national writers, agents and book editors, literary journal editors of all genres, a Literary Journal Fair, and readings by local and nationally-recognized authors. Visit the Writefest link and the website of the Houston Writers' Guild for exciting program notes, workshops, opportunities with publishers, and much, much more. 
Visual Art -- Call for Entries
And see Announcements section of the newsletter

* Call for artists: HerStory at Webster Presbyterian Church with an entry deadline of April 12.  Email wpcvisualarts@gmail.com for information. (submitted by Rona Lesser)

* Rona Lesser shares the artsy.net site with WiVLA. It's a fascinating commercial art site and its magazine is particularly engrossing with a variety of articles such as a recent one, "This New Website Is Offering Free Art Lessons from Professors and Artists." Check it out at this link. Click the Magazine button to scroll through the latest articles.

* Reguarding Room Workshop Thurs., April 5, 2018, 5:30 – 8:00 pm.
Reguarding Room is a series of workshops presented by the feminist art collective CamLab where participants are invited to re-create feminist works of art about rape and sexual assault from historical artworks, in miniature. This experimental, horizontal strategy of bringing people together around rape and sexual assault through hands-on activity allows for non-confrontational expression, without being tied to any one individual’s narrative. The workshops are open to all artistic levels and all crafting materials will be supplied. The miniature artworks will be on display at the MD Anderson Library from April 10 through May 31. The opening reception is April 10 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm.
Reguarding Room is supported in part by the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts. For more information about the project, visit http://reguardingroom.com/
About CamLab
CamLab is the 11-year collaborative art practice of UH School of Assistant Professor of Sculpture Anna Mayer and Los Angeles artist Jemima Wyman. CamLab’s feminist and collective practice models a horizontal and intimate relationship, which they believe is necessary in a culture that tends to devalue compassion, communal concerns, the mental health of women and radical care. As artists, they look for embodied and innovative ways to understand and address contemporary problems, in particular the persistence of both the patriarchy and of rape culture, the latter defined by the Feminist Campus organization as “a complex set of beliefs that create an environment in which sexual violence is prevalent and normalized.” The duo’s sculptural, video-based and social practice work has been exhibited internationally, as well as extensively in their hometown of Los Angeles at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), the Hammer Museum, the Armory Center for the Arts and the Weingart Gallery at Occidental College.
If you shop at Randall's, tie your account to WiVLA (#5341).  You can do this at the customer service counter once, and from then on, WiVLA will benefit every time you shop!

Amazon Smile provides your favorite nonprofit with a percentage of the purchase each time you go through Amazon Smile to get to Amazon.com.  Women in the Visual and Literary Arts is listed and can be chosen as your favorite charity or nonprofit.  If you enter Amazon through this link from our page, their donation is higher.  https://org.amazon.com/  

Please forward WiVLA Voices to all your friends who might be interested in WiVLA. BRING A FRIEND TO OUR NEXT MEETING!

Upcoming Events

WiVLA Monthly Meeting
Program:  ECO Fund Presentations 
from 2017 winners
Drawing for two new 2018 winners
Tuesday, April 17th
Gather: 5:45 pm
followed by program
The Printing Museum
1324 Clay Street
Houston TX 77019

WIVLA Monthly Meeting
Speed Dating
Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Archway Gallery
2305 Dunlavy
Houston 77006

Opportunities with WiVLA:

ECO fund application due
Friday, April 6
See article at left.
Writing Workshop
with Sarah Cortez

Saturday, April 28
Registration online

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