August 2015

Making Your Dreams Come True

Prepare to be inspired in August as WiVLA member Elizabeth White-Olsen shares the story of how she founded Houston's newest literary arts organization, Writespace, and learn how the lessons she has learned can help you make your own dreams come true. White-Olsen has two master’s of fine arts degrees, one in Creative Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts and one in Poetry from Texas State University. She has taught writing at Writespace, Inprint, Texas State University, and she will be leading workshops at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and Rice Glasscock School of Continuing Studies in fall 2015. Ms. White-Olsen writes for Houston Chronicle's Gray Matters blog, and her poetry collection, “Given Words,” is set to be published in 2015.

Our meeting will be at Printing Museum on Tuesday, August 18 at 5:45, as always. Remember that the parking lot across the street is no longer accessible.  We will start with light snacks and wine with the meeting beginning promptly at 6:15 pm.

Join Us for a Bookish Open House

WiVLA  will be part of  "Turning the Pages: A Bookish Open House" at the Printing Museum, Saturday, August 15 from 10 am to 2 pm.

The Printing Museum will have a free open house where visitors can explore the art of the book during mini-workshops on traditional hand paper making, paste paper, stone lithography printing, letterpress printing and book binding. Visitors will have a chance to win book-related door prizes and there will be a special scavenger hunt for children.

WiVLA will have a table showing our new brochure and the anthologies and chapbooks of WiVLA members' work. If you would like to help at the WiVLA table, let Jane Mulholland know at

THIS IS ALSO AN OPPORTUNITY TO READ FROM YOUR FAVORITE BOOK OR YOUR OWN WORK. Readings will be from 15-20 minutes in length and if you would like to come and read contact Mark Osborne at or 713-522-4652. If you decide to read, please remember there will be children in the audience.
Speed Dating Night Created Collaborative Excitement

Put together two creative minds - one writer and one visual artist - and what do you get? Creative genius!  WiVLA members certainly felt a certain spark in July when our regular membership meeting was a forum created to get writers and artists to meet collaborative partners for the "Windows: collaboration exhibit coming up in September 2016. Click here for the prospectus.

FAQ on WiVLA Collaborations
  1. Why are we collaborating?  With just one person there is no synergy, but with two - WOW! Developing work with another person can have unexpected results. Those who came to our June 30 meeting learned how three collaborations worked. Almost since WiVLA's beginning we have been hosting collaborations as a way to develop, enhance and just have plain old fun with our creativity.
  2. What if I missed the July"speed dating"  meeting?  If you couldn't be at the July meeting, don't worry. In the fall you will have several opportunities to share your work and meet others work in informal salons at WiVLA members homes. If you don't want to leave home, let Lane Devereux know and host a salon yourself.
  3. What if I want to do two collaborations -  one as a visual artist and one as a writer?  The Prospectus for the "Windows" collaboration is linked to this newsletter with dates and specifications. But you may be in two collaborations which would allow you to enter once as an artist with a literary partner, and once as a writer with a visual artist partner.
  4. What is the deadline for forming a partnership?  Don't worry - there is plenty of time to choose your partner: date for submitting is not until early 2016. No reason to panic. We will let you know as the deadline approaches. We are doing this early so all can participate and have plenty of time to work.
  5. How and when will this artistic work be shared?  We will print an anthology of ALL the work - visual and literary. The anthology will be available at our opening in September 2016 at the Brazosport Center for Arts and Sciences. Exact date to be announced. The show will open to the public September 13, 2016 and close October 7.
President's Message

In the children’s book by Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are, Max, (Sendak’s alter-ego?) begins his evening of fantasy and merriment saying, “Let the wild rumpus begin.” And so it was at the July 21 WiVLA meeting as our members immersed themselves in speed dating. What a noisy and glorious evening we had as we speed dated with 5 different partners sharing our work in lively exchanges. Peggy Sexton and Diana Weeks who have already decided to be partners in the Collaboration Show, “Windows,” served as our referees stopping us to make certain we each got ample (well, 4 minutes each) time to share our work before we moved on to the next partner. When the end came, no one moved and continued to chat. Both Peggy and Diana asked me after the meeting, “Could you hear your partner?” because to both of them the din from the sidelines was very loud.
Speed dating was a marvelous means to get to know WiVLA members better and to sample their work. In the September newsletter we will publish a series of “Salons” or small gatherings at member’s homes to continue the process of introducing ourselves to other members to help the selection of a partner to work with in the “Windows” collaboration to be held next year. The Prospectus for the show is HERE and linked elsewhere in this newsletter. If you can host a salon, please contact Lane Devereux who is coordinating these events at:
If you have found your partner, make time to get to know her better and begin to brainstorm what you want to do in the collaboration. You will both want to create new work based on your collaboration and as you begin the process, which we encourage you to do early, spend ample time brainstorming ideas before you actually begin to write or make art. When you have decided to partner, please let our Visual Co-Chairs Jo Zider and Peggy Sexton ( know who you are partnering with and we will put it in the newsletter.
As you can see from the foregoing I love quotes. Therefore am very inspired by WiVLA’s upcoming show in March 2016, Inspired by Her Quote. This show will be individual works by artists and writers and the Prospectus for this show will be in the September newsletter. WiVLA women can rumpus on more than one stage at a time!! The quote that has continued to inspire my life is from George Eliot: “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” This reminds me now that I need to get busy and begin to think about both shows for 2016. I encourage you to do the same. If you have questions email me: or our Visual Co-Chairs Jo Zider and Peggy Sexton:
In closing I want to welcome Mary Ramain to the WiVLA board. Mary has agreed to become the Chair of Communications and Social Media as Ima Oduok leaves us for a teaching assistant program in Guadeloupe in September.  We hope that Ima will become “The WiVLA Woman in Guadeloupe” and stay in touch.

  Jane Mulholland



Literary and Visual Workshops
Interested in helping create workshops and other writing opportunities to inspire your sister writers? If so, please contact Maryann Gremillion and Sandi Stromberg, your literary co-chairs, at, and let them know. They had a planning meeting in May and are still looking for members to help create writing workshops for our community.

Sketchbook Meetings
Monday, August 3, 2015
Trini Mendenhall Community Center
1414 Wirt Road (NE corner of Wirt/Westview)
Spring Branch
6-8 pm
Saturday, August 8, 2015
Memorial City Mall Ice Rink
Memorial City Mall
 I-10 and Gessner
Houston, TX
Located at the west end near Target/California Pizza Kitchen
2-4 pm
Join us as we sit with each other on either or both of these days, sharing ideas and techniques.   Sometimes in quiet camaraderie, sometimes in wonderful conversation, we capture what we see and translate it onto our paper.  Bring a sketchbook and whatever kind of drawing tool you prefer – pencil, thin line marker, pen, graphite, etc.  Use what works for you.  
For the Monday evening meeting, bring an object or a photo to sketch.
For the Saturday on-location meeting at the ice rink (isn’t that a good place to be in August?), meet in the mall open area.  Feel free to split up and sketch what you wish, then meet-up at 4:00 for a sharing time. Take a few photos of each others’ work as well.  There are several restaurants nearby, should anyone want to meet afterward for a visit.  
For some ideas about ice skating sketches,  check
search “Ice skating drawings”
If you have any questions, contact Cori Austin


Prospectus: Windows Collaboration
Click here to see the Prospectus for the September 2016 Windows Collaboration.

Please send in your news - art exhibits, works published by the 20th of each month to be included in the following month's newsletter. Please share your good news with your fellow WiVLA members by sending to
  • Judith Shamp had a juried entry in the recent Jung Center show. She also had a recent textile commission (4' X 3') titled "Great Sage, Equal of Heaven."
  • Judith Shamp also had a re-worked, re-named structure,  called "Numinous Mirroring," which was accepted into the Archway Gallery Seventh Annual Juried Exhibition.
  • Jane Mulholland had a painting, "Morning Ritual,"  accepted in the Archway Gallery Seventh Annual Juried Show which closed July 29.
  • Harriet Riley and Maryann Gremillion each have ultra short memoir pieces in the anthology Reflections, which will be published in mid-August by Telling Our Stories Press.
  • Paige Moore recently completed a mural at the Evelyn Meador Library in Seabrook. She is also participating in the "Dreams and Visions: The Artist's Perspective" exhibition in the first floor corridor of Spring Street Studio. One of her paintings was selected for the cover of the brochure for the show.
  • Patricia Barry Rumble is having two plays published:  Pioneer Drama Services will publish her play A MOTHER GOOSE COMEDY (a large cast comedy for kids). and Brooklyn Publishing is publishing her play, THE SNOW QUEEN.  Also two of her plays will be produced at Jeff Davis High School this year as part of their theater program.
  • SuzAnne C. Cole has had several publications so far in 2015: flash fictions in Binnacle’s Ultra-Short Competition and honorable mention, A Long Story Short, June 2015, Literati Quarterly, February 2015, essays in Front Porch Review April 2015 and Festival Writer in February 2015, and poetry in Pan’s Shadow, March 2015, This Guild (anthology published by Iowa State University), Golden Triangle (haiku planted in this area of D.C.) and Vineleaves.
  • Marguerite Baldwin's painting was awarded second place in the Galerie Spectra juried show.  Jurors were Mitch Cohen, Sally Babbitt, and Walter Wagner.  And, best of all, there was a check, too!  Show was up until July 29.
  • Kay Adshead has been commissioned By FUTURES theatre company in the UK to write a play exploring alternative lives. Her play, The Bogus Woman, produced by Curtis productions in association with MAMA QUILLA,  is about to go into rehearsal in the  UK..  Also she is currently curating and producing ACTS OF DEFIANCE, an online mixed media project, incorporating live performance / film / installations/print and visual art.
  • The Lift bookstore in the Heights is hosting a book/author event for Marian Szczepanski and her debut novel, Playing St. Barbara, on Wednesday, August 19, 7-8:30 pm.
  • Denise Bossarte  has "#1 Slipped Boats Series 6-01"  in the Curvature exhibit at Fort Worth Community Arts Center from July 10th- August 30th, 2015.
  • Kay Sarver's exhibition "Studio Junkies" will open at Lawndale Art Center, Friday, August 21st, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm, with a brief artist talk at 6 pm.  The series of paintings is a glimpse into the lives of a few Houston area artists, revealing a personal view into their world, each one individual from the next, yet all pushing boundaries, exploring media and often fumbling in the awkward to find their own unique path.
  • Anita Nelson has a show called "The Other Side of the Spectrum" going up at Archway Gallery on September 5- October 1.  The opening reception is Saturday, September 12 from 5 to 8 pm.

Elizabeth White-Olsen be leading a critique workshop at Writespace Tuesday, August 11th from 7-9 pm. Join her and other writers for Critiquapalooza, a fast and fun, yet in-depth look at dozens of craft elements essential to creating great stories. At Critiquapalooza you'll learn what an editor looks for when he or she is determining whether to publish a submission. To learn more or to register, please visit this link:

The 2015 East Texas Book Fest is set for August 21-22. This year's event is bound to be bigger and better than past years. In its 7th year, the festival is expanded to two days, with seminars and workshops, and takes place in a large venue, Tyler’s Harvey Convention Center. 
The National League of American Pen Women, Inc., (NLAPW), founded in 1897 in Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit organization of women artists, writers, composers and choreographers. Treanor Baring is in the process of organizing a NLAPW branch, the Bayou City Branch in Houston.  NLAPW's small literary press, The Pen Women Press, publishes poetry anthologies and both fiction and nonfiction by members and branches.  The Pen Woman, NLAPWs magazine is distributed nationally.  The NLAPW website blog publishes a Poem of the Week and an Art of the Week feature of works by members.  They sponsor art exhibits, art, music and literary competitions, on-line webinars, workshops and concerts.  Members in NLAPW are credentialed through the National organization and branches carry out their mission on a local level. Contact: Treanor Baring at for more info! 

The Houston Writers Guild (HWG) will host its first Indiepalooza conference for independently published writers on September 26. The HWG board is actively looking for self-published presenters to speak on a wide range of topics: social media, business basics,  reviews, formatting, beta readers and copy editors, marketing/book events, and production timeline. They are also open to other suggestions. Prospective speakers should contact: 
Workspace available: WriteSpace creative writing center, Silver Street Studios #212, 2000A Edwards Street, 77007, is seeking a weekday studio mate. Details:
Calls for Entry:  Visual Art
Inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement by WiVLA. We recommend you research each contest, and contact the sponsor(s). 

~ Artadia: The Fund for Art and Dialogue is now accepting applications for the 2015 Houston Artadia Awards from all visual artists who have lived and worked throughout Harris County, TX for two years or more. Individual artists and collaboratives working in all visual media and at any stage in their career are strongly encouraged to apply. Artadia Awardees are selected through a two-tiered jury process that combines local expertise with outside perspective from leading curators and artists. A preliminary panel will evaluate all online submissions and select 10 finalists in late October. A second panel of curators will visit Houston in November to conduct studio visits with each finalist and select Awardees to receive unrestricted Artadia Awards between $5,000 and $20,000. The 2015 Houston Awardees will be announced in late November.
The Houston Artadia Awards are:
- Open to anyone living in Harris County
- Free of application fees and project outline requirements
- Merit-based
- Unrestricted
Apply If You:
- Have lived in Harris for 2 years or more
- Are not currently enrolled in an art-related degree program
- Would like to have your work seen by a panel of prominent curators
here for the submission link and more information.

~ The Washington Avenue Arts District will curate an art exhibition transforming the honeycombed footprint of twenty-eight renovated grain silos into site-specific contemporary installation. Featuring Houston-based artists responding to the unique challenge of non-traditional space, this exhibition will also mark the grand opening for Houston's newest studio complex, the Silos on Sawyer.You can find more about this exciting opportunity for Houston-based visual artists here.  The call for artists ends August 15, so check it out now!

~ Fraction Magazine is an online venue dedicated to fine art, contemporary photography and brings together diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from around the globe. They accept submissions from new and emerging photographers.

~ FreshArts, of which we are members, has many opportunities for artists listed on their website. Check it out!

~ GutfreundCornett Art is asking artists to share their voices in an art-based conversation about democracy and seeks art that address and interprets these broadly. The exhibition called "What's Right, What's Left: Democracy in America" will be at Phoenix Gallery in New York in January 2016. Submissions must be complete by September 18 and sent to

~ SouthWest Artists is initiating an annual national juried painting competition with cash awards of over $12,000 and a special award from the American Art Collector magazine.   Entries are being handled by You can also find more information, including the Prospectus for the competition, at

~ Juried Art Services has a digital jurying system. Click on the link above for more information. 

~ CAFE' for Artists! is a website that lists calls for entries nation-wide.  Descriptions of type of art and theme are listed, as is a link for more information.  Deadlines are included.

~ The Women’s Caucus for Art, hosted by AIR Gallery with juror Catherine Morris, Curator, Elizabeth Sackler Center announces a Call for Art: "Who’s Afraid of Feminism?" for September 2015. WCA is seeking art from cross-generational, self-identified women artists that address feminism with a contemporary spin through works that present a message about the women's experience to incite the viewer to question the social and political landscape and the need for gender equality – where feminism has been and where it is going. The theme may be broadly interpreted from a political, personal or formal context through a variety of media.
Questions? Email:


Calls for Entry:  Literary Art
Inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement by WiVLA. We recommend you research each contest, and contact the sponsor(s).

~ The Aesthetica Creative Writing Award is open for submissions. Now in its eighth year, the award is an internationally renowned prize presented by Aesthetica Magazine and judged by industry experts including Arifa Akbar, literary editor of The Independent. Prizes include £500 and publication in an anthology of new writing, giving you the chance to showcase your work to a wider, international audience. There are two categories for entry: Short Fiction (maximum length 2,000 words each) and Poetry (maximum length 40 lines each).
Deadline for submissions is 31 August 2015. Click here for more information and to submit your work.

~ Two more upcoming contests for writers: The Glimmer Train Short Story Award for New Writers, offering $1,500 and publication for a short story by a writer whose fiction has not been published in a print publication with a circulation over 5,000. Deadline: August 31.
The Hunger Mountain Creative Nonfiction Prize, offering $1,000 and publication for an essay. Deadline: September 10.~ The Texas Authors Short Story Contest is accepting entries until July 31st.  With nine short story categories and prizes and publication, this is a great opportunity for Texas Authors.

~ Pockets Fiction Contest - submissions between 750-1000 words are accepted from March 15 - August 15 by clicking here

~ A Yahoo group has an ongoing and frequently updated list of creative writing opportunities. Writers can join and the notifications come directly to your email.     

~ Winning Writers is another great website for writing opportunities. Check it out by clicking here

Please forward WiVLA Voices to all your friends who might be interested in WiVLA. BRING A FRIEND TO OUR NEXT MEETING!

Upcoming Events

WiVLA Member Meeting
Tuesday, August 18 at 5:45 pm
featuring Elizabeth White-Olsen
Printing Museum - 1324 W. Clay Street

WiVLA Member Meeting
Tuesday, September 15 at 5:45 pm
"Attribution is Not Permission," Attorney and TALA member Erin Rodgers - an overview of intellectual property issues for artists/writers
Printing Museum

WiVLA Member Meeting
Tuesday, October 20 at 5:45 pm
Photographer Ann Stautberg presents her work
Printing Museum

WiVLA Member Meeting
November 17 at 5:45 pm
Writer Rene Palmer Armstrong
"History Lost, History Found"
Printing Museum

WiVLA Sketchbook Meetings
Monday, August 3
Trini Mendenhall Community Center
1414 Wirt Road (NE corner of Wirt/Westview)
Spring Branch
6-8 pm
Saturday, August 8
Memorial City Mall Ice Rink
Memorial City Mall
 I-10 and Gessner
Houston, TX
Located at the west end near Target/California Pizza Kitchen
2-4 pm

For more information, see WiVLA News section of this newsletter.

Unless otherwise noted, member meetings are at the Printing Museum at 1324 W. Clay Street.  We start with refreshments at 5:45 and the meeting at 6:15 pm. For a complete list of upcoming events, visit the WiVLA calendar online.

Thursday, November 5, 2015
5 to 7 pm
Boheme Bar at Taft and Fairview

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