Acting. 4th Wall Theatre. Following your passion. Accounting.
Which of these four doesn’t belong?
If you guessed accounting, you haven’t heard Kim Tobin-Lehl talk about how she and her husband Phillip Lehl created 4th Wall Theatre Company. Accounting and financial accountability are the foundation of Kim’s success as a theatre founder and her fulfillment as an actor. On Tuesday, November 15th, Kim shared her journey begun as a fearless three-year-old high-diving into her grandfather’s arms.  Fast forward to her pre-teens and the decision to be a competitive swimmer instead of acting. Lines didn't sound so fun to learn!
The good news for Houston is that Kim found her way back to theatre, studying with Sandy Meisner and Edward Albee, and eventually leaving New York to found the local theatre recently renamed 4th Wall.  The good news for the actors of her theatre is that Kim has parlayed her insistence for financial accountability into her stand that actors are fairly compensated.  Even while producing, directing, and acting, she runs a payroll company focused on the arts. 
The WiVLA gathering was inspired and resulted in a special WiVLA discount night at the current performance at 4th Wall of Shakespeare's comedy, "Much Ado About Nothing." Click here to purchase tickets and use the special discount code of WIVLA for the Thursday, Dec. 15 performance (7:30pm Curtain):. Tickets will be only $22 each using the discount code. Thank you, Kim Tobin-Lehl!