January 2016

Start off the New Year with WiVLA
“THE BIG IDEA” will the subject of our January membership meeting. “THE BIG IDEA” came out of the July Advisory Board meeting when Chair Leigh Owen challenged advisory board members to come to the meeting with “big” ideas for the organization. The biggest idea was supplied by Luisa Duarte who said she thought WiVLA should have its own space. Our discussion in January will concern this big idea:
  • How we would use the space;
  • Where we would have our space; and
  • How we could raise money to support the space; and finally
  • Should we pursue the idea of having a space?
If such a space were to succeed we would need the support of the membership. Please make plans now to come to the January meeting to discuss your ideas and concerns for WiVLA to undertake this rather large step. Look at the President's Letter below to see more details.

Our meeting will be at Printing Museum on Tuesday, January 19 at 5:45, as always. Remember that the parking lot across the street is no longer accessible.  We will start with light snacks and wine with the meeting beginning promptly at 6:15 pm. Please bring your friends!

President's Message
Happy New Year to all with the hope that 2016 will be the year that your creative dreams are realized and you deepen your resolve to make your creative endeavors a central part of your life!

January begins at WiVLA with a BANG! Submissions for the Library Show, “Inspired by Her Quote,” are due this month: January 8 for our Literary Submissions and January 15 for the Visual Submissions. (Link to Literary Prospectus; link to Visual Prospectus)You may wonder why the two dates – we have asked for literary submissions a little earlier to give our Literary Co-Chairs plenty of time to make the chapbook which all will receive when they attend the Readings at the Opening Reception on March 8. We are quite excited about this exhibition and are particularly pleased that our opening coincides with the actual date of International Women’s Day.
 Needless to say, if you haven’t rejoined, NOW is the time.
“THE BIG IDEA” IS THE SUBJECT OF OUR JANUARY 19 MEMBER MEETING as you saw in the article above.  This whole of WiVLA having its own space has already generated some ideas on how the space might be used and you no doubt may think of many others:
  • WiVLA would have a “home;” a presence in the community
  • An address
  • The ability to compete for grant money
  • A place to invite people to see our work which would increase access and our visibility in the community
  • More visibility plus greater access = more members
  • Place for members to volunteer and become more active and involved
  • Transparency: what we are doing/have done always available to view
Literary Arts
  • Place to write
  • Place to hold readings on a regular basis
  • Place for critique groups
  • Literary workshops
  • Display and sell our chapbooks and books
  • Book signings for WiVLA writers
  • WiVLA book club
Visual Arts
  • Hanging members’ work: paintings, drawings, collages, photographs
  •  Ability to change out exhibits month or as fits our needs
  • Space for fiber art display
  • Jewelry display
  • Sculpture display
  • Visual Workshops
  • Workspace for small projects or group projects
  • Meeting place for sketchbook
  • Place to have life drawing and bring in a model
  • Technique demonstrations such as photographing your work, mounting your work for presentation, making your own frames, and other practical “how to do”
  • Place for critique groups
  • Place for altered books and handmade books
  • Place to display anthologies, pictures and past events: creation of a “History Corner”
  • Storage space!!!!
  • Encourage members to brings things they have concerning WiVLA that they would like to share
  • Place to advertise our speakers and upcoming events
  • Suggestion box for women we would like to have come and speak or give workshops
  • Possible place to hold member meetings
  • Place to show hardcopies of current newsletters
  • Place for members to  drop news without having to email
  • Develop regular schedule of visual and literary workshops
  • Rent space for members to hold meetings/workshops/demonstrations
  • Commission plan for work sold out of our studio – commission % would be tax deductible
  • Reason to support WiVLA through donations
  • Place to sell WiVLA related items: cups and saucers left from our 20th Anniversary, anthologies, chapbooks, WiVLA bags
  • Art supply swap – leave supplies you no longer use and are willing to give away
  • Book and magazine swap
  • Community projects such as a toys for tots program around the holidays or food collection i.e. things we can’t do  now because we have no place to collect stuff
Finally, as you saw in the December newsletter, the window for the “Windows” collaboration has opened and the time for sending in your Intent to Collaborate opens on February 8 and does not close until March 15, 2016. The Prospectus is here (click for link)     and if you have any questions contact: visual@wivla.org

  Jane Mulholland

Membership Renewal Time!!
Time to renew your membership! If you aren't certain if you have rejoined, contact membership@wivla.org. Remember you must be a member by January 15 to participate in the Library Show. Join now!

Windows Deadline Extended
Note that the time to submit the "Intent to Collaborate" form has been extended. The Board has "opened the window" from February 8 to March 15 and during that time you may submit your intention to collaborate along with your submission fee. All submissions must be postmarked by March 15. Link to the prospectus here
Here are all the dates you need to know for the Windows Collaboration:
Feb 8 - Mar 15, 2016 -" Intent to submit" with entry fee due
           This is a newly extended timeline for submitting the form with your intention and partner.  See attached entry form.
Jul 2, 2016 - Deadline for image submission
Sep 10, 2016  - Deliver art & excerpt to Brazosport Art Center
Sep 17, 2016  - Windows Opening Reception Anthology & Reading
Oct 9, 2016  - Pick up art at Brazosport Art Center. 
This exciting opportunity to partner with a visual artist or writer is getting closer. Find your partner now! So far, the following collaborators have announced their intentions (through November 30):
Densie Bossarte (artist) and Pat Morgan (writer)
Mary Riggs Ramain (artist) and Jere Pfister (writer)
Carol Watson (artist) and Mary Harlan (writer)
Josena Arquieta (artist) with Jane Mullholland (writer)
Zita Giraldo (artist) with Jane Mullholland (writer) 
Peggy Sexton (artist) with Diana Weeks (writer)
Judith Shamps (artist) with Lilibeth André (writer)
Jo Zider (artist) with Mary Harlan (writer)
Jo Zider (artist) with Paige Moore (writer)
Artist Wanted: Gladys Bullock is a writer looking for a visual artist. Call 832-457-6816.
Wanted: Literary writer who would be interested in exploring the soul: Lillian Tharp 713-628-4691
Email newsletter@wivla.org to add you and your partner to the list. You still have plenty of time to find that creative collaborator (see prospectus below).

WiVLA Library Show "Inspired by Her Quote"
WiVLA will present a very special show at the Houston Central Library for the month of March, 2016. The theme is "Inspired by Her Quote."

Because March is designated International Women's Month and our venue is the Downtown Houston Public Library, the theme appropriately reflects women who have inspired us with their words of wisdom and wit.  Both writers and visual artists are asked to create original work based upon quotes from women in society:  humorous, vicious, provocative, or at least memorable.  To be eligible, you must be a current member of WiVLA on January 15, 2016, which is also the entry deadline for visual artists. The deadline for writers is January 8. Here is a calendar for deadlines for both:
  • January 8, 2016 - Entry deadline for writers (Dates for literary submissions are earlier due to the publication of the chapbook.)
  • January 15, 2016 - Entry Deadline for visual artists
  • February 1, 2016 - Notification for writers
  • February 15, 2016 - Notification for visual artists
  • March 8, 2016,  4-7 pm  Reception first floor exhibit
  • April 1, 2016 - 10AM-noon  PICK UP ART-no exceptions
The reception in honor of International Women's Day on March 8, 2016,  will be open to the public from 4:00 to 7:00 pm.  Non-alcoholic refreshments will be served in the first floor exhibition space of the Houston Central Library on McKinney Street. Our writers will read their works beginning at 6 pm and their work will be in the chapbook available to those who attend the readings. Click here for the visual artists prospectus and here for the writer's prospectus.
Jo Zider diligently making cards at our Card Stocking Party in December.

Clair Lambright and Marie-Pierre Stien (foreground) with Leigh Owen and Zita Giraldo (in the background)  enjoying the WiVLA comadradrie at our Holiday Party.

Enjoying the holiday and champagne - Gladys Mae Bullock, Diana Weeks, Kay Adshead with her husband Pete; and Josena Arquieta, Michael Devereux and Jim Mulholland  in the background.

A good time was had by all - even male friends of WiVLA!

And thanks to Lane Devereux for photographing the festivities!
WiVLA Scoop by the Snoop: January 2016
Although the Snoop thinks she knows a lot, she can use your help. Let her know your scoop: info@wivla.org.

The Snoop heard from our recently departed (for Scotland) member Anna Philips and she wrote:
Brain and I landed safely in Edinburgh, Scotland at 3.40pm GMT (9.40am CT) yesterday.
One of our sons, Patrick, collected us while his wife, Gemma and our granddaughter Sophie, waited at the flat to welcome us.
It was very special to be met by family and particularly important for Brian to meet Sophie so quickly.
Once she woke from her nap she was soon giving her ‘Grampa’ big smiles!
Gemma insists she smile more at the men in her life than the ladies!
The weather here is being kind to us.
While it is cold it is not as ‘bitter’ as I had feared it might be - apparently it has warmed up a bit for our arrival.
I will write again once we are a little more settled.
Peace to all

The Snoop also heard from Diana Weeks who has bought "yellow tops" which she plans to bring to the January meeting for all to wear to brighten our lives and cheer us up for the New Year and she says, "To bring hope and sunlight during this cloudy time of war and violence." You go Diana!


Looking for a gift for a special friend?  This lovely teacup and saucer set is available for purchase for only $10 ALREADY WRAPPED. To order, email info@wivla.org

Literary and Visual Workshops
WiVLA Workshops Coming in 2016! All three of these workshops have been selected because they are designed appeal to both writers and artists. All of these workshops will be held at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center, 1414 Wirt Road, 77055.

February 20, 2016: 9 –Noon, “Taming the digital beast: tools for writers and artists” with WiVLA member Marie-Pierre Stien who presented the popular workshop on flash fiction to WiVLA members in April 2015. She is a writer and illustrator living in Houston, Texas.
From blogs to online portfolios, collaborative digital platforms to cloud-based journals, social media promotion to virtual workgroups, this workshop will introduce artists and writers to the ever-expanding creative potential of digital tools.   Participants will learn how to create a cohesive digital presence to promote their work and explore strategies to foster creative collaboration.   No experience necessary.  Participants are encouraged to bring tablets, cell phones or laptops to browse and experiment during the workshop.

March 19, 2016: 9 -11:30, “A to Z: Artful Zentangle or How I Found my Zen by Drawing Focused, Reflective, Abstract marks” with artist and WiVLA member Judith Shamp.
This introduction to the practice of Zentangle can spark a creative fire in both writers and artists. Judith's work has been published in numerous books, has been juried into several exhibitions, and is in several collections, including as far away as Australia. She combines the mark making of tangles with three dimensional objects and always enjoys pushing boundaries...’well mostly, as far as my artistic expression is concerned."     
11:30 to 12:15 Lunch Break for those attending both sessions
12:15 – 2:45 pm,,  "Using Objects and Memories as a Springboard into Writing and Art," former WiVLA President and novelist Marian Szczepanski will show us how to use objects to enhance our work.

TO REGISTERhttp://www.wivla.org/workshops.htm

Sketchbook is currently on hiatus and will return sometime in 2016.  Keep sketching!

Prospectus: Windows Collaboration
Click here to see the Prospectus for the September 2016 Windows Collaboration.

Please send in your news - art exhibits, works published by the 20th of each month to be included in the following month's newsletter. Please share your good news with your fellow WiVLA members by sending to newsletter@wivla.org.
  • Mary Riggs Ramain has a piece in the Assistance League Show at Williams Tower opening Wednesday, January 13, 2016. The show closes February 28.
  • Your news should be here, but you forgot to send it to us! Our deadline for February is January 20.

Art journaling will be the focus of a four-day workshop in Austin January 7-10 with Orly Avineri. More details on this wonderful workshop for both visual artists and writers can be found at https://jannasammon.com/2015/06/passport-to-journal-with-orly-avineri/

Need studio space? JoMar Visions is expanding to an amazing new location in Northwest Crossing in Houston! Location at 5247-5249 Langfield Rd, Houston, TX-77040. Be part of a vibrant art community.
See http://www.jomarvisions.com/#!studio-space-for-lease/c1p48
for more information and a map of the studio spaces.
Calls for Entry:  Visual Art
Inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement by WiVLA. We recommend you research each contest, and contact the sponsor(s). 
Oil Painters of America's 25th Anniversary National Exhibition & Convention will be in Dallas, Texas at Southwest Gallery in May of 2016. They invite artists to answer their call for entry.  The juror of awards will be the esteemed master artist Kevin Macpherson.  Awards will be approximately $100,000 in cash and merchandise with a $30,000 cash top award.
The opening weekend events will be May 12 - 15 and will include a plein air competition & sale with gallery hanging, demos by Kevin Macpherson and Qiang Huang as well as an interview with master artist Jeff Legg and so much more.
The deadline for online submissions is midnight on Friday, January 29, 2016. Details at their website: www.oilpaintersofamerica.com.

~ The Cambridge Art Association is pleased to announce the 2016 Nation Prize show, juried by Paul C. Ha. Deadline to submit is January 8, 2016 and the show is open to all artists in all media. This link will tell you all you need to know to submit your work.

~ Fraction Magazine is an online venue dedicated to fine art, contemporary photography and brings together diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from around the globe. They accept submissions from new and emerging photographers.

~ FreshArts, of which we are members, has many opportunities for artists listed on their website. Check it out!

~ Juried Art Services has a digital jurying system. Click on the link above for more information. 

~ CAFE' for Artists!  www.CallForEntry.org is a website that lists calls for entries nation-wide.  Descriptions of type of art and theme are listed, as is a link for more information.  Deadlines are included.


Calls for Entry:  Literary Art
Inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement by WiVLA. We recommend you research each contest, and contact the sponsor(s).

Houston Writers Guild Press is looking for short stories in the romance/erotica genre. The call opened December 8 and closes January 31, 2016. go to their website: http://us7.campaign-archive2.com/?u=8c7f242f256a7fca2a6500bd2&id=d21ae8e3c7&3=4bae0f403d

Narrative regularly publishes fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, including stories, novels, novel excerpts, novellas, personal essays, humor, sketches, memoirs, literary biographies, commentary, reportage, interviews, and features of interest to readers who take pleasure in storytelling and imaginative prose.

~ Sable Books is publishing an anthology addressing the subject of violence against women. They are seeking poems on all themes related to this issue (i.e., origins, personal stories, recovery, advocacy, prevention, survival, etc.).Submission fee is $5.  Proceeds from submission fees will be donated to the Global Fund for Women.

~ A Yahoo group has an ongoing and frequently updated list of creative writing opportunities. Writers can join and the notifications come directly to your email.https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/CRWROPPS-B/info     

~ Winning Writers is another great website for writing opportunities. Check it out by clicking here

Please forward WiVLA Voices to all your friends who might be interested in WiVLA. BRING A FRIEND TO OUR NEXT MEETING!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, January  19 at 5:45 pm
"The Big Idea"

Unless otherwise noted, member meetings are at the Printing Museum at 1324 W. Clay Street.  We start with refreshments at 5:45 and the meeting at 6:15 pm. For a complete list of upcoming events, visit the WiVLA calendar online.

Tuesday, February 16 at 5:45 pm
Marie-Pierre Stien, "Barely Behaving Daughters - Why not Self Publish?"

Tuesday, March 15 at 5:45 pm
Leah Lax "Uncovered"

About Women in the Visual and Literary Arts

The mission of WiVLA is to provide an inspiring forum for women to explore and advance their creative development, to promote their work in the marketplace, and to infuse the community with their spirit of cooperation and invention.

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WiVLA 2015 Board of Directors

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