July 2012


WiVLA's Mission: To provide an inspiring forum for women to explore and advance their creative development, to promote their work in the marketplace, and to infuse the community with their spirit of cooperation and invention.

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Meeting Recap and Announcement
Newsletter Editor Needed
Members show their "True Colors"
Easy Money for WiVLA
The Founders Award Pin
Member News & Accolades
What's Happening in Visual Arts
Liberty Mutual Fundraiser Results
Mayborn Literary Non-Fiction Conference
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LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT_______________________________



Dear Friends,

June marked the halfway point of my second term as president of WiVLA. It does not seem as if so many months have passed; I feel like I just started. Several other people are coming to the end of their second year in office and, as you may know, WiVLA board members serve for a maximum of two years in any one position and a maximum of four years on the board without a break.


Elections are in November and we will be looking for candidates for the 2013 board soon. Please give some thought to serving. Not only will you help WiVLA and your sister members, you will get the opportunity to develop closer relationships with other bright, creative WiVLA women. If you would like to talk about joining the board, please give me a call at 281-373-9658 or email me at wivla.lanedev@yahoo.com.


The June meeting could not have been better. We started out with a surprise, awarding Nancy Michon the Founders Award for her contribution of graphic arts designs for our exhibitions over the years and of her time coordinating the ordering of postcards, banners, and other items needed for a successful art show. We saw slides of seven of the stunning postcards she has designed for WiVLA, going back as far as the 2005 print and photography show at the Museum of Printing History.


The Founders Award pin, a sterling silver replica of the WiVLA pen and paintbrush logo, is a beautiful keepsake. WiVLA's board of directors gives the Founders Award only when merited, not on a schedule. The only other recipient is Connie Buchanan, who received hers in March 2011. Look farther down in the newsletter for a photograph.


The literary readings from Mixed Messages, presented at our June 19 program meeting, could not have been better. The seven writers presented a diverse line-up of pieces ranging from comic to tragic, including the touching, dramatic reading of an Elvis monologue and another of a computer saving its owner from a career-threatening mistake at work. Everyone enjoyed seeing the artwork images presented along with the readings. Big thanks to Leah Lax and Pat Morgan for organizing and running the program.


Warm regards,




LETTER FROM THE EDITOR______________________________________

Hello everyone,


Summer is officially here! But don't pack up your pens and paintbrushes just yet. WiVLA has lots of opportunities for visual and literary artists alike. Check them out in this month's newsletter. And while you're at it, check out the True Colors columns and get to know more about your fellow WiVLA members.  


Speaking of opportunities, I regret to tell you that I am stepping down from my post as Newsletter Editor. It has been my honor to serve WiVLA the past year and a half! With that said, we are looking for someone who would like to take over the newsletter. Please email Lane if you are interested. 


Here's to a creative and productive month -- and a happy summer! 


Andrea Waguespack

QUOTE OF THE MONTH_____________________________________ 



"Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways."
-Oscar Wilde



Have a favorite creativity-themed quote?
Send it to newsletter@wivla.org - it could be our next Quote of the Month.

MEMBERSHIP MEETING - JUNE 19____________________________   


WiVLA members met to share their collaborative works from the Mixed Messages show. 


MEMBERSHIP MEETING - JULY 17 ___________________________    

Come one, come all and meet Donna Howell-Depew, co-owner of the Venue on 34th Street and author of "Improv Your Way on the Stage of Life All Day, Every Day." Experience a fun, interactive session that focuses on a different way to look at communication.  The ancient art of improvisation provides us a framework to make our interactions more collaborative, connected and entertaining!


After the fun please join us "Dutch Treat" at Cafe Express to meet Donna and gab with your creative sisters.


NEWSLETTER EDITOR NEEDED _________________________________    

By Andrea Waguespack

As I mentioned in my "Letter from the Editor," I am stepping down as Newsletter Editor. The past year and a half as a board member have been a blast, but now I must pass the baton.

The newsletter itself requires one or two evenings per month to complete. The program we use if user-friendly and not scary at all!

If anyone is interested, please email Lane.  

TRUE COLORS___________________________________________  

By Jane Lowy    


Crimson: Where are you from and how did you get here? (can be taken literally or figuratively)

I grew up in a very small town in Arkansas. There was not much to do there, so I learned to use my imagination a lot! I spent most of my time wandering in the woods with my dogs, or reading, listening to or playing music, drawing a little, and sometimes writing stories (most of which, sadly, no longer exist). After attending Austin College in Sherman, Texas, I've been in Houston for the past thirty years, first working in music stores, then as a Cytogenetic Technologist, and finally, as a wife and mother. My wonderful husband, David, who sometimes works as an artists' model, heard about WiVLA and suggested that I become a member.


Cobalt Blue: Do you like your name? Why or why not? How would you decorate it if you could make your own nameplate? How does your name make you feel? Is there a family or friend story about your name?

I do like my name. Both Jane and Lowy have four letters and kind of balance each other out. Also, Jane and my maiden name (now middle name) Harrison are very English names, and I am something of an anglophile and have mostly British heritage. If I were to make my own nameplate, it would probably be decorated either in Victorian style or in early 1970's hippie style letters (two rather polar-opposite mindsets, I know!). My name Jane comes from my paternal grandmother's middle name. When I was little, if anyone tried to call me "Janey", I would tell them, "No, I'm just pla-a-ain Jane."


Violet: What is your creativity routine? How do you manage your art time mixed with your other activities? When are you most creative? Is there anything that you do that has solved a problem for you (artistically or time management-wise)?

I have no real creativity routine. If I have something creative going on in my mind, it just automatically goes on more or less all the time, no matter what else I'm doing, sometimes to the annoyance of my family, who may feel that I'm not giving them my full attention. I am most creative when alone and can really get the most done at those times. If I haven't had time to myself for a while, I may end up thinking about something after going to bed and then have to get up in the wee hours to write something down-otherwise I would never get to sleep!


Rose: What is your favorite memory?

My favorite memory is being with my husband and our son in an underground parking garage­­­-normally not somewhere I would enjoy being. My husband was holding our son, who was probably around one year old at the time, and running with little steps toward me as though the baby were running, while making a silly noise. My son looked into my eyes and smiled so brightly as though understanding the joke, and it was a moment of pure and total connection among all three of us. I've never forgotten that moment; it stands out to me as the epitome of sheer joy.  


Chinese White: What has been your proudest moment? When did your heart pound out its absolute strongest beat as you clinched that golden ring? Details please! Don't be shy...we are going to enjoy celebrating this with you-even if it was back in 5th grade!

My proudest moment was when I finished writing down the last words of the first draft of my first (and only, so far) novel. Even though it was not yet polished, the fact that I had been able to make my vision tangible was enough. I had met my goal, whether or not

the manuscript was ever published, or even read by anyone else. Were my life to have ended at that moment, I would have left something personal behind-a creative work of love that would allow others to know me through my art.

TRUE COLORS___________________________________________  

By Marian Szczepanski      


Cobalt Blue: Do you like your name? Why or why not?   How would you decorate it if you could make your own nameplate? How does your name make you feel? Is there a family or friend story about your name?

I HATE my name. People usually hear it as "Mary Ann," and I have to correct them. Then I'm asked, nine times out of ten: "Oh, as in Marian the Librarian?" Seriously, can you think of a more boring image? (Apologies to any librarians reading this.) My standard reply is: "No, as in Maid Marian." This seems far more exciting than Shirley Jones' prim-to-a-fault character in The Music Man.


Sap Green: How did art discover you or you discover art? Describe your art journey up to this moment.

I've always been a writer, but I started out as a journalist doing magazine & newspaper features, moving to corporate communications, then freelancing when we started our family. After our third daughter was born, I was ready to go back to work-but couldn't find a job. A friend suggested I take Creative Writing 101 at the community college "just for fun." Total waste of time, I thought. Turns out, I loved it! I gave up the back-to-work idea, enrolled next in a fiction class, and started what would become my first novel. My teacher urged me to attend the venerable Bread Loaf Writers Conference in Vermont. Talk about terrible timing. We were preparing to move to Switzerland, but I applied anyway. Two months after moving to Switzerland, I flew back to the States, attended the conference, and met writer Antonya Nelson, who read my novel-in-progress and offered to write me a recommendation for Warren Wilson's low-residence MFA program. I had less than two weeks to come up with a second rec letter, write a critical essay, finish the application, and get it to North Carolina before the deadline. I was sure my FedEx packet arrived too late, but I got a call (in Switzerland) a few months later from the program director, telling me I'd been accepted. The twice-a-year travel to residencies was inconvenient, but I went-and never looked back. I had become a literary fiction writer and couldn't imagine doing anything else.


Yellow Ochre: Where is your special place on earth? Where do you go when life presents difficulties? Where do you go to feel joy? Are they both the same?   Do you have a place where you find your muse? Describe any or all of these.

My special places on earth are hiking or cross-country ski trails, and they're scattered from California to the Ozarks to Slovakia's Carpathians to the Engadin in Switzerland. Alas, they all take time to reach, so I can't drop everything and run there when I have a thorny plot problem to work out in a novel. My immediate refuge is my study above the garage (where I can't hear the house phone). After our oldest daughter moved out, I repainted it and invited my close friends to come for a studio blessing. I painted each one's hand, and she left a bright white palm-print somewhere on the cranberry red walls as a sign of support for my work. My muse loves this space as much as I do.


Cadmium Orange: If you could have any kind of work situation, "dream job," or way you spend your time, what would it be?   (Think: anything - no boundaries)

I'm incredibly fortunate. I write literary novels, and that's my dream job. If I couldn't do that, I'd be an archaeologist, digging up artifacts-and writing stories about them.


Chinese White: What has been your proudest moment? When did your heart pound out its absolute strongest beat as you clinched that golden ring? Details please! Don't be shy.....we are going to enjoy celebrating this with you - even if it was back in 5th grade!

As a writer, my proudest moment was receiving an email in January from Lou Turner, publisher at High Hill Press, with a contract attached for my novel Playing St. Barbara. I'd been revising and sending out this novel for three years, so I was ecstatic that it had found a home at last. When I finished my MFA, my goal was to have a book published by my 40th birthday. I guess I'm just a late-bloomer.


AN EASY WAY TO EARN MONEY FOR WiVLA____________________  

By Lane Devereux


Sign up for Good Search / Good Shop - it's an easy way to earn money for WiVLA!  

It's easy to sign up: 


1. Go to www.goodsearch.com

2. Type in WiVLA at the prompt

3. Go to your favorite search location or a favorite store

4. That's all there is! You can search daily and WiVLA gets credit, even more when you buy something from an affiliated store.

THE FOUNDERS AWARD PIN _______________________________  

By Lane Devereux


The Founders Award pin. Photo by Nancy Michon.


The Founders Award pin, originally presented to WiVLA's founders, Karlene Koen, Janean Thompson, and Martha Skow at our 15th Anniversary party, replicates our logo in sterling silver. The logo designer is lost to history. A drawing of the logo turned up when we were organizing the archives several years ago and the board decided to reinstate it. It is an old-fashioned pen nib married to a paintbrush, an apt image for our organization. Local jewelry designer Erica Delgado created a mold of the logo that could be cast in metal. Five pins have been made to date, all in sterling silver. In addition to our founders, Connie Buchanan and Nancy Michon have both received a pin in recognition of their services to WiVLA.

Several people have inquired about purchasing a pin for themselves. While this has not been done to date, it is possible that WiVLA could make a bronze pin available for members to purchase if enough people want one. The sterling silver pin is reserved for the Founders Award recipients.



Becky R. Soria will be part of a group show at Colton's gallery during Arts Houston. Her work will be displayed July 14th.

While in the process of moving to College Station, Lauran Perry English, will maintain involvement in the arts community in the Houston/Galveston area. Her art can be seen at Affaire d'art in Galveston and Island Art Gallery in the Clear Lake area.

Patricia Barry's play, an adaptation of Pinocchio, will be playing through July 28 at Northwest Mall. In Patricia's version, Pinocchio no longer has strings, but is remote controlled instead.   


Eileen McClellan is pleased to announce that she will have 3 pieces in the NEXUS Women Printmakers of Austin exhibit at Live Oak Art Center in Columbus, TX. The opening is July 7th and the show will be up through August 18th. Also, she has one piece in the PrintMatters Invitational exhibit at Design Works Gallery in Galveston, TX. That show will host two openings, July 7th and 14th, and continues until August 12th.    


Have news you'd like to share? Send an email by the 20th of the month to newsletter@wivla.org. 

WHAT'S HAPPENING IN VISUAL ARTS_____________________________ 

By Donna Durbin


I'm so excited about our upcoming juried membership Print and Photography Exhibition at the Museum of Printing History, A Heroine's Journey. This is your chance to create artwork using print techniques and/or photography to interpret a personal or archetypal heroine, who like you, is strong, curious, smart, proud, intuitive, brave, resourceful, tough, and contemplative.


Our juror, Sara Kellner, started Kellner Consulting after being the Executive Director of DiverseWorks Artspace, from 1999 to 2006. She will jury selections from the actual work. The opening reception will be August 30, 2012. The exhibition dates are August 30-October 6, 2012.  


Deadline for entry form registration is August 10. (Please note the date correction from last newsletter.) Artwork delivery is August 18, 2 pm - 5 pm. We're trying out a new online entry form this year. This should ease some of the data processing. Please give it a try. If you have any difficulty with the online form, the printed mail-in version will be available. August 10 is the deadline for both. Look for Prospectus, qualifications, calendar with entry form and Loan Agreement posted on the website. 


Once again, I'm looking for those enthusiastic WiVLA volunteers to give an hour or two of time to make this a happening event. Can you help with data entry, art check-in, phone notifications, selections, and of course our wonderful reception? Please send us a note at visual@wivla.org or call 713-893-7363.  


To get you inspired, PrintHouston2012 has exhibits, lectures, workshops and special events throughout Houston right now. Check out their website for up-to-date descriptions.    

LIBERTY MUTUAL FUNDRAISER __________________________________ 


Thank you to the seventeen individuals who worked with Eileen Collins in the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company fundraiser. We received $255.00 from them as the result of your phone calls requesting insurance quotes. Personally, I am saving almost a $1,000 per year as the result of making my call and several others have reported similar savings. How nice when we can help ourselves and help WiVLA at the same time. Thanks again for taking a few minutes to make that phone call.


We will need to continue to fundraise in 2012 in order to have the needed money for the 2013 ECO Awards and Gold Key Scholarships. You can contribute anytime by sending a check to WiVLA Fundraising, PO BOX 130406, Houston, TX 77219-0406 or by going to the support tab on our website. Be sure to indicate donation in the memo.



The 8th annual Mayborn Literary Non-fiction Conference will be held July 20-22, 2012 in Grapevine, Texas (10 minutes north of Dallas-Fort Worth airport).          


Learn about the myriad ways in which journalists, documentary filmmakers, biographers, memoirists and novelists are crisscrossing the murky terrain between multiple genres to create highly textured, multi-dimensional narratives.


  • Three days of panels and lectures, including keynotes from Richard Rhodes, Isabel Wilkerson and Luis Alberto Urrea (see the website for our full list of speakers)
  • $15,000 in cash awards for writing contests, including categories for personal essays, reported narratives, and book manuscripts
  • Ten best essays and reported narratives are published in our literary journal, Ten Spurs, which was recently recognized by Best American EssaysŪ
  • Cash award and book contract with UNT press for the best manuscript
  • Awards available for students to attend free (including hotel)
  • Individual sessions with literary agents (every year conferees leave the conference with book contracts)
  • Working on a biography? Apply for the Mayborn Fellowship in Biography
  • Travel to the hometown of the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Lonesome Dove, Larry McMurtry 

Click here for more information.   

PLEASE "LIKE" US ____________________________________________ 


Did you know WiVLA has a Facebook page? We do and we want you to LIKE us!  


This FB page is an excellent tool for communicating informally among members. Do you have a show coming up? Post it on our page. Are you teaching a workshop or selling equipment? Post it on our page. Do you have a new brag to share? Post it on WiVLA's Facebook page.  


To find us, search Facebook for Women in the Visual and Literary Arts [WiVLA]. Then LIKE us and post a greeting to all your WiVLA friends.

CALL FOR ENTRIES - VISUAL ART______________________________   


Inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement by WiVLA. We recommend you research each contest, and contact the sponsor(s). 

General Websites for artist exhibition Calls for Entry:









Copper Shade Tree Gallery in Round Top, Texas Call is accepting entries for their juried show, "The Art in Fiber 2013." Deadline: Sunday, October 13th, 2012. Click here for more information.   


Women and Their Work Call for Entries: Solo Series 2013, upload materials by Aug. 10. For detailed guidelines:http://womenandtheirwork.org 


WiVLA 2012 Print and Photography Exhibit call for entries. Theme: A Heroine's Journey. Deadline: August 18,2-5:00.p.m. Hand-deliver two works to Museum of Printing History. Sara Kellner, juror. Prospectus will be posted online on June 15.


Awesome Houston Foundation. Monthly grants of $1,000. For more information, contact Allison Skidmore or click here. Any idea is fair game, profit or non-profit; just has to be awesome. The group votes on ideas monthly and awards the grant.


The Lone Star Art Guild is a non-profit organization started in Brenham, Texas in 1961. Visit their website to find more information about contests and art leagues that are within a 200 mile radius of Houston.


Womenarts Quarterly Journal seeks visual art. For submission guidelines and more information, visit their website.   


Archway Gallery Call for Entries: 4th Annual Juried Exhibition. Event held July 7 thru August 1, 2012. Deadline: July 2 - 3, 10am-6pm - Hand deliver Artwork with entry fee to Gallery. Click here for prospectus.


Greater Denton Arts Council in Denton, TX is soliciting entries for the 2013 Materials: Hard & Soft, National Contemporary Craft Competition and Exhibition. Entry fee: $30. Eligible Media: clay, fiber, glass, metal, paper, wood, or any combination of craft media. Submission Deadline: September 7, 2012. Click here for more information. 


The Fort Worth Community Arts Center is seeking exhibition proposals from individual artists and curators in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana for all art forms, including new media, for its 2013-14 season. Proposals and images are reviewed on a biannual basis:  June & December. Fee: $20. Click here for more information.


My Chicken Diaries is accepting Artist in Residence applications. Located on a 3-acre no-kill farm located near Manvel, TX, the AIR's time requirement is part-time and often on weekends. In exchange for rent-free lodging, the AIR assists with various farm chores and MCD educational tours and events, and makes an artistic contribution to MCD. For more information, click here.      

CALL FOR ENTRIES - LITERARY ART____________________________   


Inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement by WiVLA. We recommend you research each contest, and contact the sponsor(s).   


Rattle is accepting poetry, translation, review, essay, and interview entries. Deadline: open. Click here for more information.


Telling Our Stories Press is seeking memoirs between 100-300 words for a memoir project. Deadline: rolling. Click here for more information.  


The Loop Online is an online scriptwriting site. Click here for information about various scriptwriting opportunities.


ByLine Magazine sponsors monthly contests for essays, short stories, poetry, articles, essays, and more. Deadline: open. For more information, visit Byline Magazine.


Fiction Weekly accepts submissions via email, reads year round, and responds to submissions within 30 days. For more details, please visit Fiction Weekly.


Scratch is a monthly writing contest that seeks new short fiction to be selected by rotating guest judges. Deadline: monthly. Small fee to enter, cash prizes and publication every month, plus annual anthology. For more information, click here .


Poets & Writers is a great source for writing contests. Check out Poets & Writers contests listings here.


Womenarts Quarterly Journal seeks literary art, including essays, fiction, poetry, reviews and interviews by women. For submission guidelines and more information, visit their website.


Creative Print Publishing offers a genuine, no fee book competition that stretches over 12 months. Each month a different genre; each month a winner. Winners are offered a
contract, paid royalties, and receive full promotion and marketing strategies. Get full details of rules, genres and how to submit on their website.


My Chicken Diaries is accepting Artist in Residence applications. Located on a 3-acre no-kill farm located near Manvel, TX, the AIR's time requirement is part-time and often on weekends. In exchange for rent-free lodging, the AIR assists with various farm chores and MCD educational tours and events, and makes an artistic contribution to MCD. For more information, click here.  



Looking to rent an art studio space? Call Vikki Trammel with ArtSpace at 713-652-4984. She is handing the leasing for a space located between Main and Fannin on the north side of Sears, above the barber school.

Karen Smith's Joe Goodbuddy canvases and greeting cards are now being sold at One Green Street located 5160 Buffalo Speedway at the corner of Westpark and Buffalo Speedway in the Kroger shopping center. Check out their eco-friendly products like jewelry, lotions, seat belt handbags, and much much more.


Sandy Wells has 2 rooms at the Tremont House in Galveston in which she curates art shows that last one evening. They have 2 storefront type rooms where she will have one or many artists show their work on the day of a Galveston Art Walk. There is no commission charged on sales, but the artist must deal with any purchases herself. For more information, contact Sandy at 407-771-7215 or via email.   


Art Opportunities Monthly Professional (AOM) is offering a free, no-obligation 3-month subscription for those not yet familiar with it. To find out more and sign up, visit their website.  


On July 28, Houston Arts Resource Fair will feature an intensive day of professional development for independent artists and organizations. Featuring Thomas Cott, Director of Marketing at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and Emily Gray, Program Director of Insurance at Fractured Atlas.  The free event will be held from 9am-6pm at University of St. Thomas, located at 3800 Montrose.  All disciplines are welcome. 


Houston Fine Art Fair will be held September 9 - 16, 2012 at the Reliant Center.  It provides the unique opportunity for art fair attendees not only from Houston but also from out of town to become better acquainted with Houston's burgeoning art scene. During the week of the fair, various cultural institutions will offer a wide selection of events and exhibitions to make this a citywide event.  


Sandi Stromberg will lead a writing workshop at the Jung Center on Saturday, Aug. 4: "Writing to Find the Extraordinary in the Ordinary." This 3-hour workshop provides space and time for participants to reflect on the things in their lives that seem ordinary then, through a series of writing exercises, explore their extraordinary nature. For more information, call 713-524-8253 or visit the website  


Ann Bell teaches one-day Mixed Media and Creative Collage classes in her Midtown Houston studio. To get all the details and to register, click here or call Ann at 281-330-3827.  

Would you like to post an announcement? Send your email by the 20th of the month to newsletter@wivla.org.  

WiVLA CALENDAR OF EVENTS_________________________________  


July 9, 6 p.m.

WiVLA Board meeting  Museum of Printing History

Sosa Community Center

1414 Wirt Road

Houston, TX 77055 


July 17, 6 p.m.   

WiVLA Member meeting

1324 West Clay  (Map)    


For a complete list of upcoming events, visit the WiVLA calendar online.

WiVLA BOARD MEMBERS_____________________________________  


President                   Lane Devereux (wivla.lanedev@yahoo.com)  

Vice President            Cookie Wells (wadsworth@sbcglobal.net)  

Secretary                   Cathy Lachin (cplachin@yahoo.com)  

Treasurer                   Pattie Berg (jewelry@sapamojo.com)  

Membership               Corry Austin (corry@sbcglobal.net)  

Communications         Jennifer Watson (jwatson5@uh.edu)  

Programs                   Rebecca Kveton (gigglesrk@aol.com)  

Newsletter                 Andrea Waguespack (andreawag@live.com) 

Visual Arts                 Donna Durbin (donna@donnadurbin.com)  

                                 Michele Zacks (mazacks@hotmail.com)  

Literary Arts               Leah Lax (leahlax@sbcglobal.net)  

                                 Pat Morgan (angeltrack@aol.com)  

At Large                     Piyali Dasgupta (piyalidasgupta@hotmail.com)

                                 June Russell (jrrbug281@aol.com)

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