July 2015

Speed Dating, WiVLA Style, in July
We learned at the June meeting the synergy of doing a collaboration and how the sum of one visual artist plus one literary artist evolves into work greater than either would have created alone (see article below). The July meeting is the second of two planned by the WiVLA board to introduce the membership to the idea of collaboration in preparation for WiVLA's "Windows" collaborative show upcoming in 2016.

At our July 21 "Speed Dating" meeting, members will have the opportunity to meet and talk with a series of women in order to meet new fellow artists/writers - and begin to think about who they might want to work with in the collaboration. These series of one on one "show and tell" encounters will give you a peek at what others are creating and some ideas of whom you want to pursue as a possible collaboration partner.

We are hoping you will be able to meet lots of potential Collaboration Partners.  You might want to plan ahead and think about what type partner you would like. For instance, someone who lives near you, a detail person who can keep you on track, someone who loves to experiment with new ideas, anything you can dream up!

When you come to the July meeting: Visual artists bring small pieces or visual representations of your art work. Literary artists bring a few short examples of your written work. Then, speed your way through the gauntlet to meet as many potential “true-love connections” as possible. If you have questions, contact Peggy Sexton.  Read the article later in the newsletter about WiVLA Salons being offered in the fall as another way to meet collaboration partners.
Bring note pad and work samples and be prepared for a fun evening!  Come to the Printing Museum on Tuesday, July 21 at 5:45 to learn more. We will start with light snacks and wine with the meeting beginning promptly at 6:15 pm.

Jo Zider and Jere Pfister at the June meeting

FAQ on WiVLA Collaborations
  1. Why are we collaborating?  With just one person there is no synergy, but with two - WOW! Developing work with another person can have unexpected results. Those who came to our June 30 meeting learned how three collaborations worked. Almost since WiVLA's beginning we have been hosting collaborations as a way to develop, enhance and just have plain old fun with our creativity.
  2. What if I can't come to the July meeting?  If you can't be at the July meeting, don't worry. Read Lane Devereux's article on "WiVLA Salon" (in this newsletter) and know that in the fall you will have at least several opportunities to share your work and see others work in informal salons at WiVLA members homes. If you don't want to leave home, let Lane know and host a salon yourself.
  3. What if I want to do two collaborations -  one as a visual artist and one as a writer?  The Prospectus for the "Windows" collaboration will be out in the fall of 2015 with dates and specifications. But you may be in two collaborations which would allow you to enter once as an artist with a literary partner, and once as a writer with a visual artist partner.
  4. What is the deadline for forming a partnership?  Don't worry - there is plenty of time to choose your partner: date for submitting is not until early 2016. No reason to panic. We will let you know as the deadline approaches. We are doing this early so all can participate and have plenty of time to work.
  5. How and when will this artistic work be shared?  We will print an anthology of ALL the work - visual and literary. The anthology will be available at our opening in September 2016 at the Brazosport Center for Arts and Sciences. Exact date to be announced. The show will open to the public September 13, 2016 and close October 7.
Presenters at June meeting: Linda Stelljes, Jo Zider, Rona Lesser, Jere Pfister, Judith Shamp, and Kathleen Merritt

Successful Collaborations Discussed at June Meeting

What happens when two creative WiVLA women put their heads together?  At the June meeting we learned that one of several things can happen:
“…one of the most fun experiences of my life.” – Jere Pfister
“…we became friends forever.” --Rona Lesser and Linda Stelljes
“…we drank a lot of tea.” --Judith Shamp and Kathleen Merritt
            And one collaborative pair even made money!
Rescheduled to a rainy last day of the month, the June meeting was a real treat to the small WiVLA crowd who braved the weather to hear from three past successful WiVLA collaborators – Jo Zider and Jere Pfister, Judith Shamp and Kathleen Merritt, and Rona Lesser and Linda Stelljes.  Each pair told their story about combining visual art and the written word to create a piece of art for past WiVLA collaborative shows.
Pfister and Zider discovered they both had a heart for social justice and created the piece "Renewable Assets" that combined Zider’s 8'x12’ relief paintings of the Challenger astronauts with an audio recorded script written by Pfister. Their work was presented in the Crossings Collaboration Show at the Jung Center in 2000 and in the anthology created from that collaboration.They went on to create three more collaborative pieces of art for other venues.  Pfister said she discovered that the process was like “entering a mystery together.”
Stelljes and Lesser met at a WiVLA Circle of Five gathering and had several e-mail exchanges before they met over coffee and came up with the concept for their Mixed Messages Collaboration piece. Lesser created the artwork and Stelljes actually wrote her words directly on Lesser’s art. They ended up selling the piece after the show and shared the proceeds becoming close friends through their artistic association.

Merritt was a writer and WiVLA member who had gotten interested in Zentangle through a class taught by visual artist Shamp.  She convinced Shamp to rejoin WiVLA so they could collaborate on an art piece together. They met at a variety of teahouses and drank a lot of tea while coming up with their concept for the piece, which they titled, “Amid Zenith and Nadir.” The mixed media piece included a poem by Merritt, but she also helped create the artwork. Merritt called Shamp her “master” and Shamp called her her “star pupil.” Their work was presented in the VCR Show in November 2014.
Each pair created a  unique synergy through their collaboration. The time line for each couple ranged from two months to six.  Our Collaborative Show, "Windows," is set for September 2016, which gives members plenty of time to find their “match” in the July meeting or through salons in the fall (see related articles in this newsletter).

(Judith and Kathleen in the photo above during the June meeting)

President's Message

At our June meeting after listening to Jo Zider and Jere Pfister, Kathleen Merritt and Judith Shamp, and Linda Stelljes and Rona Lesser discuss their collaborations, many of us are ready to begin the collaboration process and look for a partner. When Lillian Tharp got home from the June meeting she posted on Facebook that she was so excited about beginning a collaboration, she almost drove to Katy and forgot to get off on the Sam Houston Tollway! And, I can assure you, you won’t have to get naked to collaborate. (If you were at the June meeting, you understand. If not, see what you missed in Harriet Riley's article above!) 

Our “Speed Dating” July meeting is specifically designed to give you an opportunity to talk with many potential partners and have a wonderful time doing it. The thing you have to remember for July is: THE JULY MEETING WILL BE FUN, INSPIRATIONAL AND ONE YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS!

What you think is fun, and what I think is fun, no doubt may differ. Do I want a partner who represents things opposite me? Or do I want someone with whom I deeply resonate? Or do I simply want to explore and be surprised? Come, bring samples of your work and join the merriment. 

Our collaboration process began years ago early in WiVLA’s history. I believe we were ahead of the curve with collaborations which have become more and more a usual occurrence in the art and literary world. Learning to work well with others is something we were supposed to have learned in grade school, but the world keeps reminding that just being decent, much less nice, might be the exception in the modern world rather than the rule.

After 9/11 WiVLA held an event, “Seeds of Healing, A Garden of Hope.” The Introduction in the chapbook reads: “The works presented in Seeds of Healing, A Garden of Hope were created in response to the events September 11 and inspired by proverbs from around the world. The exhibition is dedicated to healing and to the idea that even in tragedy we can nurture growth and creativity, just as the earth in its cycles nurtures us.”

Perhaps we are always in of need healing and to have a place to express our sorrow and our joy.  We come to our WiVLA community open to grow, to embrace our creativity, and to find ways to heal and express joy.  In an excerpt from her poem “Autumn” for the 9/11 exhibit, Vivian Macias wrote:

We will again grieve our victims
the loss of our collective
innocence. Yet, we will
continue to heal ourselves
although some may need
years to work through the
deepest possible sorrow.
True friends will be there
to comfort and soothe
them, to help them
not retreat to despair,
to accompany them
as they face the tragedy
that cannot be changed.
Join us in July - unless you hate the idea of having a joyful time.

  Jane Mulholland

Salons, WiVLA-Style
by Lane Gustafson Devereux

Many women go to salons to have their hair done, get a mani-pedi, or even get a spa treatment. WiVLA women go to salons to have their creativity spiffed up. Salons, small gatherings of WiVLA members at someone's home, are designed to be intimate settings where people can get to know what others do creatively.

I attended my first salon a year or two after joining WiVLA. Because I didn't know many people personally, I felt a little shy about attending and even shyer about telling people that I was a writer and what I was working on. But I wanted to get to know more people in WiVLA and get more involved, so I gathered up my courage and went.  It was a lovely, low-key evening, graciously hosted with nibbles and beverages. We chatted as people arrived and then got into a comfortable circle in the living room. One by one, each woman introduced herself and talked about her artistic endeavors. Writers read short selections of their poetry or prose; visual artists showed us their portfolios or samples of their work. By the end of the evening, I understood that WiVLA was not just a bunch of wanna-bees or dilettantes - these women were creative, thoughtful, and inspiring, whether they were just emerging or already recognized in their art areas. I felt validated by the positive responses my own work had received and energized to keep on working.

Occasionally, WiVLA has used salons as a way to help members find partners for collaboration shows. With our big collaboration coming up in 2016, the board has decided that it is time to offer salons again. Soon, we will be asking for volunteers to host salons in the fall, with a goal of covering the whole Houston area. We want everyone to have a geographically convenient salon available; however, don't feel constrained. You will be welcome at any or all salons, but because these are intended to be intimate, there will be a limit on how many can attend each one.

Since my very first salon, I have attended others and hosted them, too. Each time, I had that same eureka experience - these WiVLA women have talent dripping from their fingertips! One member's art impressed me so much that I did not let her leave with it! The piece now hangs prominently in my living room.

Look for additional information at membership meetings and in future newsletters. And if you already know you'd love to host a salon, please email me at lanedev@lanedev.com or call me at 281-373-9658. Stay tuned for our September newsletter where you can chose your location and sign up to attend a WiVLA Salon.
The collaboration piece by Rona Lesser and Linda Stelljes

From Our Gold Key Winner, Hallie Perlman:
Dear Mrs Mulholland,
Thank you so much for the wonderful award and generous check! You and the other WiVLA ladies have given me so much courage and confidence in my art and that is a gift incomparable to anything I've ever gotten. I was so honored and touched by the meeting and your kind words and encouragement; I will never forget you!
With love, Hallie

Hallie was recognized in May as one of WiVLA's Senior Portfolio Winners in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. For many years WiVLA has given a $500 award for a senior woman in art and one in writing in this competition, sponsored in our region by the Harris County Board of Education. Hallie, who just graduated from The Kinkaid School, was this year's Writing Portfolio winner.
July Cartoon By Dorothy Colp, Our WiVLA Cartoonist
Cartoonist and Member Dorothy Colp is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design and is currently building her business as a sequential artist. 


Literary and Visual Workshops
Interested in helping create workshops and other writing opportunities to inspire your sister writers? If so, please contact Maryann Gremillion and Sandi Stromberg, your literary co-chairs, at literary@wivla.org, and let them know. They had a planning meeting in May and are still looking for members to help create writing workshops for our community.

Sketchbook Meetings
Monday, July 6
Trini Mendenhall Community Center
1414 Wirt Road (NE corner of Wirt/Westview)
Spring Branch
6-8 pm
Saturday, July 11
Thompson's Antique Center
Northwest Mall
 9950 Hempstead Rd, 600, 
Houston, TX 77092
Meet at the outside entrance
2-4 pm
Join us as we sit with each other on either or both of these days, sharing ideas and techniques.   Sometimes in quiet camaraderie, sometimes in wonderful conversation, we capture what we see and translate it onto our paper.  Bring a sketchbook and whatever kind of drawing tool you prefer – pencil, thin line marker, pen, graphite, etc.  Use what works for you.  
For the Monday evening meeting, bring an object or a photo to sketch.
For the Saturday on-location meeting at Thompson's Antique Center, there are a huge variety of items to sketch!  Feel free to split up and sketch what you wish, then meet-up at 4:00 for a sharing time.  There is a Cafe Express at Uptown Park, which is south of the Antique Center on 610 and Post Oak, should anyone want to meet afterward for a visit.  

If you have any questions, contact Cori Austin

July 21 is the BIG NIGHT!

Lucky lady, you can be the winner. Fix up pretty or come as you are. Everyone has a chance.

It’s here! The night you’ve been waiting for. Make the perfect match with Speed Dating at the WIVLA meeting, July 21, at the Printing Museum on W. Clay at 5:45 pm


Please send in your news - art exhibits, works published by the 20th of each month to be included in the following month's newsletter. Please share your good news with your fellow WiVLA members by sending to newsletter@wivla.org.
  • Kay Cox's poem, "Hill Country Jubilee" was accepted for the 2016 Texas Poetry Calendar.
  • Kay Cox, Maryann Gremillion and Jane Mulholland each had a poem selected for inclusion in the Houston Nature anthology to be printed later this year by Mutabilis Press.
  • Patricia Barry Rumble recently learned that Pioneer Drama Services wants to publish her play A MOTHER GOOSE COMEDY (a large cast comedy for kids).   
    Brooklyn Publishing is publishing her play THE SNOW QUEEN.  There will be two productions at Jeff Davis High School this year: one of her bilingual play Las Fabulas (Aesop's Funny Fables) and one of her steampunk show, Robin of the West.
  • Ima Oduok  has been accepted into the Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF). This program allows Americans to teach English in French public schools across all regions of metropolitan France as well as its overseas departments of French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Réunion. Ima will be moving to Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean, to help teach English in a middle/high school sometime in September.
  • Jo Zider has one of her new Dedicated Bone Constructions on exhibit at the C.G.Jung Center show called "Visions".  The reception was Saturday, June 27, 2015, from 5-8pm and the
    exhibition is on view June 17 - July 18, 2015.
  • Ellen McCormick Martens also has two paintings in the Jung Center Membership Show. 
  • Anna Phillips will have an art show at Beans Cafe, an independent coffee shop in the Energy Corridor for the month of July. The show will feature a variety of her artwork from fiber to watercolor to prints.
  • Kay Adshead has been commissioned By FUTURES theatre company in the UK to write a play exploring alternative lives.
  • Her play, The Bogus Woman, produced by Curtis productions in association with MAMA  QUILLA,  starts its UK tour in September Also Kay's MAMA QUILLA project -  ACTS OF DEFIANCE - will be  launched in July.
  • Denise Bossarte  has "#1 Slipped Boats Series 6-01"  in the Curvature exhibit at Fort Worth Community Arts Center from July 10th- August 30th, 2015.

Member Cindy Rasche warns us of an art buying scam email. It came from <d.broke013@gmail.com>  This address is linked to several names and scams for apartment rental and art purchases. The scam came from images on the Visual Arts Alliance website, so beware.

A big "thanks" to Alicia Young for her generous contribution and for reminding us that WiVLA is a 501(c)3 tax exempt orgainization.  

The 2015 East Texas Book Fest is set for August 21-22. This year's event is bound to be bigger and better than past years. In its 7th year, the festival is expanded to two days, with seminars and workshops, and takes place in a large venue, Tyler’s Harvey Convention Center. 

The National League of American Pen Women, Inc., (NLAPW), founded in 1897 in Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit organization of women artists, writers, composers and choreographers. Treanor Baring is in the process of organizing a NLAPW branch, the Bayou City Branch in Houston.  NLAPW's small literary press, The Pen Women Press, publishes poetry anthologies and both fiction and nonfiction by members and branches.  The Pen Woman, NLAPWs magazine is distributed nationally.  The NLAPW website blog publishes a Poem of the Week and an Art of the Week feature of works by members.  They sponsor art exhibits, art, music and literary competitions, on-line webinars, workshops and concerts.  Members in NLAPW are credentialed through the National organization and branches carry out their mission on a local level. Contact: Treanor Baring at pwpoems@aol.com for more info! 

The Houston Writers Guild (HWG) will host its first Indiepalooza conference for independently published writers on September 26. The HWG board is actively looking for self-published presenters to speak on a wide range of topics: social media, business basics,  reviews, formatting, beta readers and copy editors, marketing/book events, and production timeline. They are also open to other suggestions. Prospective speakers should contact: fernbrady.author@gmail.com 
Workspace available: WriteSpace creative writing center, Silver Street Studios #212, 2000A Edwards Street, 77007, is seeking a weekday studio mate. Details: http://www.writespacehouston.org/news/writespace-is-seeking-a-studiomate

Please go to the Printing Museum website and look at the list of workshops and classes, if you are new to printmaking or if you need a refresher. Their weekly summer workshop may be of particular interest when each week Adult sessions will run from 1 pm to 3 pm with a different subject each day: Tuesday is "Papermaking," Wednesday is "Paste Paper," Thursday is "Printmaking," and Friday is "Bookbinding."  If we are to participate in a print exhibition at the Printing Museum, we must produce works in traditional printing methods. They are not interested in showing photography or mixed media-collage. If you do not see anything of interest to you in the Printing Museum's listing, let Jo Zider know and she can arrange to have a mini-workshop to learn specific techniques of interest to members. The Printing Museum needs to have an interest-level indicator in order to go forward with plans for an exhibit either this year or next.  Jo thanks everyone for participating in the survey at the February meeting. Click here if you were not in attendance and would still like to take the survey. Send the survey to Jo via email by clicking here.

Calls for Entry:  Visual Art
Inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement by WiVLA. We recommend you research each contest, and contact the sponsor(s). 

~ Fraction Magazine is an online venue dedicated to fine art, contemporary photography and brings together diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from around the globe. They accept submissions from new and emerging photographers.

~ FreshArts, of which we are members, has many opportunities for artists listed on their website. Check it out!

~ A new venture called GutfreundCornett Art announces a call for art for their first exhibition titled "Visaural: Sight, Sound and Action" will be at the Nave Gallery, October 8-31, 2015 in Somerville, Massachusetts in conjunction with the Honk! Festival of Activist Street Bands. We are looking for artwork that combines the visual with music of your choice. Click here for the full prospectus and to enter:   http://www.gutfreundcornettart.com/visaural-sight-sound-and-action-2015-nave-gallery-annex.html

~ GutfreundCornett Art is also asking artists to share their voices in an art-based conversation about democracy and seeks art that address and interprets these broadly. The exhibition called "What's Right, What's Left: Democracy in America" will be at Phoenix Gallery in New York in January 2016. Submissions must be complete by September 18 and sent to  http://www.gutfreundcornettart.com/whats-right-whats-left-democracy-in-america-2016-phoenix-gallery.html

~ SouthWest Artists is initiating an annual national juried painting competition with cash awards of over $12,000 and a special award from the American Art Collector magazine.   Entries are being handled by www.callforentry.com. You can also find more information, including the Prospectus for the competition, at www.TheArtoftheHeartland.com.

~ Juried Art Services has a digital jurying system. Click on the link above for more information. 

~ CAFE' for Artists!  www.CallForEntry.org is a website that lists calls for entries nation-wide.  Descriptions of type of art and theme are listed, as is a link for more information.  Deadlines are included.

~ The Women’s Caucus for Art, hosted by AIR Gallery with juror Catherine Morris, Curator, Elizabeth Sackler Center announces a Call for Art: "Who’s Afraid of Feminism?" for September 2015. WCA is seeking art from cross-generational, self-identified women artists that address feminism with a contemporary spin through works that present a message about the women's experience to incite the viewer to question the social and political landscape and the need for gender equality – where feminism has been and where it is going. The theme may be broadly interpreted from a political, personal or formal context through a variety of media.
ENTER HERE: http://www.entrythingy.com/www.nationalwca.org#dashboard
Questions? Email: wcashows@gmail.com


Calls for Entry:  Literary Art
Inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement by WiVLA. We recommend you research each contest, and contact the sponsor(s).

~ The Texas Authors Short Story Contest is accepting entries until July 31st.  With nine short story categories and prizes and publication, this is a great opportunity for Texas Authors.

~ Houston Writers Guild's  short story mystery contest has extended their deadline for submission to July 31 to both members and nonmembers. They are looking for original unpublished mystery short stories; stand-alone adaptations from a longer manuscript are welcome.

~ Pockets Fiction Contest - submissions between 750-1000 words are accepted from March 15 - August 15 by clicking here

~ A Yahoo group has an ongoing and frequently updated list of creative writing opportunities. Writers can join and the notifications come directly to your email.https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/CRWROPPS-B/info     

~ Winning Writers is another great website for writing opportunities. Check it out by clicking here

Please forward WiVLA Voices to all your friends who might be interested in WiVLA. BRING A FRIEND TO OUR NEXT MEETING!

Upcoming Events

WiVLA Member Meeting
Tuesday, July 21 at 5:45 pm
Collaborative "Speed Dating"
Printing Museum

WiVLA Member Meeting
Tuesday, August 18 at 5:45 pm
featuring Elizabeth White-Olsen
Printing Museum

WiVLA Member Meeting
Tuesday, September 15 at 5:45 pm
"Attribution is Not Permission," Attorney and TALA member Erin Rodgers - an overview of intellectual property issues for artists/writers
Printing Museum

WiVLA Member Meeting
Tuesday, October 20 at 5:45 pm
Photographer Ann Stautberg presents her work
Printing Museum

WiVLA Member Meeting
November 17 at 5:45 pm
Writer Rene Palmer Armstrong
"History Lost, History Found"
Printing Museum

WiVLA Sketchbook Meetings
Monday, July 6
Trini Mendenhall Community Center
1414 Wirt Road (NE corner of Wirt/Westview)
Spring Branch
6-8 pm
Saturday, July 11
Thompson's Antique Center
Northwest Mall
 9950 Hempstead Rd, 600, 
Houston, TX 77092
Meet at the outside entrance
2-4 pm

For more information, see WiVLA News section of this newsletter.

Unless otherwise noted, member meetings are at the Printing Museum at 1324 W. Clay Street.  We start with refreshments at 5:45 and the meeting at 6:15 pm. For a complete list of upcoming events, visit the WiVLA calendar online.

September 2016
watch for more information

Thursday, November 5, 2015
5 to 7 pm
Boheme Bar at Taft and Fairview

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