June 2011


WiVLA's Mission: To provide an inspiring forum for women to explore and advance their creative development, to promote their work in the marketplace, and to infuse the community with their spirit of cooperation and invention.

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Literary Reading at the Print & Photography Show
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LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT__________________________________


Dear WiVLA members,  


In these days of drought, my garden is still filled with blooming flowers, but my water bill is sky high. Recently, our neighborhood put out a sign asking that we water only on alternate days. I am honoring that and hoping that the drought doesn't get worse. I know that my beautiful garden will quickly fade to a memory without regular water.  


Creativity is like a garden. It must be tended and nourished in order to blossom. The life-giving nourishment for creativity is a combination of inspiration, enthusiasm, stimulation, and encouragement. Where do we find this nourishment for ourselves?  


WiVLA is a good source of creative nourishment. Exhibitions and readings, program speakers, newsletter articles and call-for-entry announcements, and the lively conversations after meetings all contribute to our creative wellbeing.  


On June 4th, your board will gather for a daylong retreat to consider other ways that WiVLA can contribute to our members' creative lives. To succeed at this, we need to know what you are thinking about WiVLA and what you want from WiVLA. And to get this information, we will use the responses you so generously provided in the recent WiVLA Member Survey.  


The board will be looking at responses in the aggregate, no names attached. If you happen to be one of the people who hasn't yet responded, it's not too late. Send in your survey today and we will add you to the summary. The more people we hear from, the more responsive we can be to our membership. To everyone who sent their survey back already, thank you very much for your help and support. Look for more information on the results of the survey in future issues of WiVLA VOiCES.  


Warm regards,


TAKE THE SURVEY, PLEASE!____________________________________    

We need your survey answers. Thanks to the wonders of computers and the internet, it turns out that we can still squeeze you into our survey summary even if you missed the original deadline.   


You are important! Your response will help the board shape WiVLA's future. Please don't delay. Complete the survey that was emailed to you by June 2.   


You can take the survey by clicking here.


LETTER FROM THE EDITOR______________________________________

Hello everyone,


It's not even officially summer yet, and already Houston is heating up - and so is its visual and literary art world! To see just how hot things are getting, be sure to check out the list of calls for entry for the latest contests, and member news and accolades. We're also hosting a training seminar to help members get their works ready for digital submissions so no one misses out on the action. I won't give the rest away - you'll have to read on and check out all the exciting things happening this summer.


Here's to a creative and productive month - and a happy summer!


Best Wishes,

Andrea Waguespack

GOOD SEARCH IS EASY TO USE________________________________ 


Haven't started donating money to WiVLA using GoodSearch yet? Not certain how to do use it or don't want it to be your home page? Not to worry. Using GoodSearch is easy and it certainly does not have to be your home page. Here's how to help WiVLA fund our important activities with a minimum of fuss: Go to www.goodsearch.com. Scroll down the page to the third text block, the one that says "Never Miss A Donation." In that text block, you will see a gold bar that says "Download Toolbar." Click on it.  


Now you are on a page with the headline "Download Toolbar." Under the "Terms of Service," you will see "Configure Your Toolbar." The options are to use GoodSearch as your default search engine and to set your home page to GoodSearch. They are already checked. Uncheck "Set my home page to GoodSearch" if you don't want to do that. Please keep GoodSearch as your default search engine, though.  


Close any other browser windows you may have open, and then click on the "Download the GoodSearch Toolbar" button right under "Configure your toolbar."  


That's all there is to it. Look at your browser's search icons and you will see the GoodSearch logo - an uppercase G with a halo. That means it is installed and available. Your other search engines are still available too, just not default.  


Using GoodSearch means donating money to WiVLA, money we will use to fund our award and scholarship programs. Give it a try and see how easy it is to help us raise money.  


Thank you!

MEMBERSHIP MEETING - MAY 18, 2011________________________
By Connie Buchanan
Gold Key Awards
WiVLA Gold Key Award Recipients Karina Farek (High School for the Performing and Visual Arts; visual arts) and Caroline Bybee (Bellaire High School; literary) after their presentations for the May membership meeting.
At the May 18th meeting, Kris Reid of the Harris County Department of Education presented the two winners of the WiVLA Gold Key Scholarships:  Caroline Bybee of Bellaire for the Literary Award and Karina Fared of HSPVA for the Visual Award.

Karina specializes in comic art and animation.  She showed us a selection of her comic strips, and two of her animation projects.  She has a great sense of humor!  She plans to attend the School of Visual Arts in New York, majoring in animation.


Caroline read her favorite short story, "By the Highway." She has a finely developed descriptive sense; the characters and emotions were very clear.  She plans to attend the College of Wooster in Ohio.


Kris Reid told us that every school child in Harris County in grades 8-12 is eligible to apply for one of these scholarships, and every year the applications are increasing.  If these two young women are typical of their applicants, the future of the arts in Harris County is awesome.  They were bright, charming, articulate, and a joy.

MEMBERSHIP MEETING - JUNE 21, 2011________________________  

The Publishing Maze

The last 20 years have seen technology force radical changes in the publishing industry-from the way books are created to the way they are marketed and sold. And, with digital books overtaking printed books at Amazon.com, we don't see a sign of things settling down in the near future. 

Rita Mills, a veteran of both the traditional and independent sides of publishing, has had a "front-row seat" to witness this metamorphosis and how these changes have impacted both authors and publishers alike.  

Not all book projects are alike, and while some genres should never be independently published,  Rita will share the tools needed to navigate the treacherous waters of this volatile, changing industry so you can make the best choice for the direction that your manuscript needs to take.

Whether your goals include finding a publisher or independently publishing your work, Rita can save you a lot of time, money, and heartache with her down-to-earth knowledge, her vast reservoir of expertise, and her insight into the publishing industry today.

Visual artists and writers who are thinking of publishing their work may find this program just what they need to move forward.

Please come and be inspired and encouraged by Rita's broad knowledge of the publishing industry. Click here for more information.  

After the meeting, we will
go to Café Express on West Gray, around the corner from the Museum of Printing History, for our Dutch treat dinners and camaraderie. Please join us!

NEW MEMBER PROFILE______________________________________  


Name: Linda Ann Stelljes  


E-mail address: lindasbizasusual@sbcglobal.net


Creative media:visual and literary arts. My visual arts interests include altered books, pop-up books, other book arts, drawing and collages. My literary arts interests include short-short stories and poetry/haiku. I am also a wanna-be musician (exploring saxophone, blues harp, hand-drumming & recorder). My educational background for these interests include commercial art and journalism.


Profession: I am a licensed professional counselor and just recently completed an Advanced Study in Therapeutic Writing program. I have a particular interest in working with creativity issues for both established and budding artists and will be offering workshops on therapeutic writing, creativity and existentialism.


WiVLA: I found out about WiVLA through visual artist Janet Ritter when I met with her to purchase one of her paintings. As we talked about our interests, she suggested that I join WiVLA. I am excited to have joined a group of creative women to share our interests and promote one another in our visual and literary arts.


Additional personal note: I have 2 feline creative assistants -- Esther and Lily.


By Elizabeth Earle


Opening Reception

Museum of Printing History  

1324 West Clay, Houston, TX  77019 

Thursday, September 1, 2011, 6-8 PM


Call for Entries:     


Eligibility: All current WiVLA members as of July 15, 2011.


Theme:  "Finding Balance"   Our busy and sometimes hectic pace can create a seesaw lifestyle with a misplaced fulcrum.  How do we manage our daily choices to reflect the balance that is necessary to maintain a fully realized life?  We are encouraged to submit work that employs an abstract, conceptual or metaphorical approach to the subject. Newly written work or an existing piece of written work that is thematically appropriate may be submitted.   


Entry Details:  The written work should be able to be read aloud in 3-5 minutes.   Please submit entries by attaching to an email and send by July 25, 2011, to Elizabeth Earle at eaearle@hotmail.com.   Please include your name, title of the piece, and genre.   Writings may be from any genre:  poetry, fiction, personal essay, nonfiction, memoir, playwriting, etc.   


Pieces will be included in the program on a first-come basis. Once enough entries have been received to fill the entire program, further pieces will not be included.  WiVLA reserves the right to deny submissions not related thematically.  You will be notified if you are to be included in the reading.   


Invitations:    Invitations will be available at the August 23 meeting or through the WiVLA web site.  

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY & JPEG TRAINING______________________   

We want you to enter "Finding Balance," this year's print and photography show! You will need to submit your work as a digital JPEG on a CD for the exhibition. We are scheduling training sessions on how to photograph your artwork, resize the images and copy them to a CD with the correct labels. So no excuses! Get that artwork done and come to an advance training so you will make that July 25 deadline. To pre-register contact:   Donna Durbin at donna@donnadurbin.com.

If you're interested in taking the workshop, please fill out this Pre-Registration Survey: Click Here 

"Finding Balance" is the theme of this year's print and photography show at the Museum of Printing History.  Christine Jelson West, executive director of Lawndale Art Center, will jury this "members only" exhibition.  The postmark deadline for jpeg entries is Monday, July 25, 2011.  The exhibition will be on view at the MPH from September 1 to October 1.  For a copy of the prospectus, please follow this link: 
Finding Balance Prospectus 

StartArt, LLC is a brand new online art gallery in Houston focusing on local artists. The company provides free "eGalleries" for member artists to showcase and sell their art. They are providing the digital photography and jpeg training for WiVLA artists to submit their work in our "Finding Balance" exhibition. Check them out at www.startarthouston.com.



Joan Son debuted her latest work, Joan Son - Part Geometry, Part Zen: a personal exploration through paper, at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft in April. It has been extended through August 13 in the Artist Hall.


Michelle O'Michaelhas an exhibition at Craighead Green Gallery in Dallas until July 2, 2011. For more information, contact Scot Presley or Kenneth Craighead at 214-855-0779 or cg.gallery@craigheadgreen.com.

Sally Stubbs
 is exhibiting 10 new artworks at Betz Art Gallery, 1208 West Gray (between Waugh and Montrose). This "Diverse Creations" show runs through Saturday, June 11. Until Friday, June 10, Sally is also participating in a juried group show, "N-Sight" at the Continental Building, Concourse Level, 1600 Smith Street, downtown Houston.

Cindy Butler Rasche's
masonry and cast glass wall sculpture Canyon Walls will be on exhibit in the show Life in these Texas Hills at Rocky Hill Gallery in Fredricksburg, Texas through June 4th. For more information, visit www.artisansatrockyhill.com. Cindy's relief sculpture Canyon Wall is included in the Live Oak Art Center's 2011 Annual Juried Art Exhibition through July 2, 2011. For more information, visit http://www.liveoakartcenter.org.  Three of Cindy's painted masonry wall sculptures are on display at The Houston Yoga and Ayurvedic Wellness Center, located at 13602 Kluge Rd., Cypress, TX 77429. For more information, visit www.houston-yoga-ayurveda.com.

Marlene Llanes
was invited by the American Heart Association to paint a heart sculpture that is on display at several public places, including Rice Village Arcade, River Oaks Shopping Center and Champions Village. The hearts will be on display until July 31. Click here to view Marlene's heart art. One of Marlene's paintings was accepted to be part of the permanent collection of the University of Houston-Clear Lake Pearland Campus. Click here to view it.   


Becky Soria's work, Primitive, will be on display at Arts Houston at Redbud Gallery, located at 303 East 11th Street, Houston, Texas 77008. The opening reception will be held Saturday, July 9th, 2011 from 6-9 p.m. and will be on view until August 27, 2011.  

A NOTE OF THANKS________________________________________


This message is for each of my wonderful, creative WiVLA friends.


How can I express my deepest appreciation for all your thoughtful and caring cards and messages?


To this end I hope that you will accept this note of thanks.


Your get-well wishes, prayers and positive healing energies have played a big part in my recovery.


I hope that it will not be too many months before I am fit enough to attend a general meeting and thank you all in person.



Anna Phillips

CALL FOR ENTRIES - LITERARY ART____________________________   


The Creative Capital  - Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant Program supports individual writers whose work addresses contemporary visual art through grants in the following categories:  articles, blogs, books, new and alternative media, and short-form writing.  Grants range from $3,000 to $50,000 depending on the needs or scope of the project.

The Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest is open to poets, short story writers, and those who have the ability to dream. All works must be original. Cash prizes. Application deadline July 31, 2011.   http://www.dreamquestone.com


Mozelle Memoir Writing Contest (Writers' League of Texas):

Entry fee: $10 per submission  Deadline: September 15, 2011  Prize:

·    First place: $500 and publication on the Writers' League Web site and blog.

·    Finalists: Publication on the Writers' League Web site and blog.

Download the 2011 Mozelle Memoir Contest guidelines and entry form.


Some thoughts on submitting to contests: A Winner's Advice: Traci Brimhall



BOUNDARIES & BORDERS. The Women of Color Writers' Community seeks unpublished writing and artwork. They invite a diversity of WOC voices--featuring one's own broad interpretation of the theme--living within, overcoming, challenging confines of culture, status, condition, geography...and those things we choose to write about. Deadline September 1. Fee $10. Guidelines: www.wocwriters.com.


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: It's All in Her Head: Women Making Peace with Troubled Minds seeks finely crafted, stigma-busting personal essays by women who live gratifying, productive lives despite facing their own mental health challenges. For more info: http://itsallinherhead.blog.com.


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Ship Sailed Without Me: Poems, Stories and Essays by Women Who Missed their Chance at Motherhood. Well-crafted works that address grief, anger, and regret, as well as those that lead to a sense of reconciliation. Send brief bio and submissions by September 1 to editandcreate@comcast.net.


ACCENTS PUBLISHING 2011 International Poetry Book Contest. Two winners - one by independent judge Lisa Williams, and one by founding editor Katerina Stoykova-Klemer. $500 prize, publication, and an invitation to a book premiere event. All entries are considered for publication. Send manuscript plus $20 reading fee by July 31. www.accents-publishing.com.


PAPER NAUTILUS is looking for submissions of short fiction, poetry, and "Aphorisms." All styles welcome. Submissions due August 15 for next issue, but accepted year-round. We encourage work from both emerging and established writers. See Web site for details: http://readpapernautilus.wordpress.com. Submit work: http://papernautilus.submishmash.com/submit.


RÍO GRANDE REVIEW: UTEP's literary magazine since 1993, publishes biannually in print and online version. They accept works year-round in English and/or Spanish. Writing of all kinds and visual art. Prose: 5,000 words. Poetry: 10 pages. E-mail submissions only: editors@riograndereview.com. More details: www.riograndereview.com.


SNAIL MAIL REVIEW is looking for new poetry and short fiction. Send 3-5 poems of no more than 35 lines or 1-7 pages of short fiction to: Snail Mail Review, 3000 Coffee Rd., Chateau Apt. B6, Modesto, CA 95355.  Include a cover letter and SASE. Submission deadline is June 31. E-mail: snailmailreview@gmail.com. Facebook: Snail Mail Review.


THIRD WEDNESDAY seeks unpublished poems up to 2 pages, fiction under 1,500 words, and b&w artwork or photography by experienced writers and artists. Send up to 5 poems or 2 short fiction pieces. Pays token fee. Send to: submissions@thirdwednesday.org. For more information, visit www.thirdwednesday.org.  


$200 PLUS PUBLICATION-Crab Creek Review Poetry Prize. Judge: Dorianne Laux. Submit up to 5 poems for $10. Include cover letter with contact info. Postmark: June 30. All entries considered for publication. Send to: CCR Prize, 7315 - 34th Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98117. For full guidelines, visit: www.crabcreekreview.org.


ANNUAL WRITING AWARDS from Whispering Prairie Press. Cash prizes in three categories: poetry, flash fiction, personal essay. $100/$50/$25 plus honorable mentions. Postmark deadline June 30. Entry fees: $5 each, three for $10. May mix categories. For complete guidelines, visit www.kansascityvoices.com.


Writer's Block International Competition: http://www.writersblockinternational.com/Category%20Descriptions.htm

CALL FOR ENTRIES - VISUAL ART______________________________   

The Liz Alexander Visual Art Award
will be presented to an emerging, visual artist residing in Houston. A minimum of $1,000 will be made possible by private contributions. Award money may be used for a specific artistic project, for professional development or education in the field of visual or media arts. Deadline is July 8, 2011. For more information, click here

Artist Opportunities from Lawndale Art Center
.   Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your first official announcement for Lawndale's biggest show of the year: THE BIG SHOW! Artists living within 100 miles of Houston are invited to submit their artwork for a chance to be included in the show and a shot at one of three cash prizes.  Entries must be hand-delivered to Lawndale Art Center on June 15 & 16. Entry Fee is $30 for non-members; $25 for Lawndale members.  Link for Prospectus:  http://www.lawndaleartcenter.org/documents/10-11/2011bigshow_callws.pdf.  

Women & Their Work
requests applications for its 2012 Solo Series. Unlike last year, when artists had to be nominated by art professionals, artists can apply for solo exhibitions for the 2012 season.  Deadline for online applications: July 1, 2011. You may read the guidelines and details at http://www.womenandtheirwork.org/upcoming_exhibitions.html?itemid=690. You will also find the link to the form.  This opportunity is available to women artists living in Texas. 

Abecedarian Gallery in Denver, Colorado has three upcoming exhibition opportunities: Big Draw Little Draw - (juried) entry deadline June 8, 2011; Visual Journals - (open entry) submission deadline August 1, 2011 (or until filled); and Hand Lettered - (invitational) deadline to submit works for consideration August 8, 2011. Submission for all of these exhibitions is via digital file upload. Details about all exhibits can be found at this link: http://bitly.com/dVrwOj. For more information, contact Alicia Bailey with the  Abecedarian Gallery at 910 Santa Fe Dr, #101,  Denver, CO  80204 USA, phone: 720.282.4052 or 303.340.2110  or email: alicia@abecedariangallery.com.

The Serie Project is accepting applications for 2012. The organization offers a nonprofit Artist in Residence (AIR) program, with the mission to promote Latino artists as well as to grant access to the serigraphy technique. The deadline is Aug. 26, 2011. For more information, visit www.serieproject.org.

2012 Materials Hard & Soft, National Contemporary Craft Competition and Exhibition

sponsored by the Greater Denton Arts Council, Denton, Texas, February 3 - March 30, 2012. Entry deadline: September 9, 2011.

Eligible Media: clay, fiber, glass, metal, paper, wood, or any combination of craft media. U.S. residents. Juror: Monica Moses, ed. American Craft. Entry fee: $30. Awards: $5000. More information, visit http://dentonarts.com or contact 940.382.2787 or exhibitions@dentonarts.com. Prospectus: http://dentonarts.com/events/PDF/MaterialsHS_2012.pdf


General Websites for artist exhibition Calls for Entry:







Evolutionaries: Art & Healing, juried by Jean Caslin, Diane Griffin Gregory and Cindy Wigglesworth, will be on view at the Art Gallery of Houston Community College Central from June 13 to August 5, 2011. This national, all-media exhibition features work by 36 artists, including WiVLA members Eleanor Brown, Kate Matthiesen, Debra Rueb, Janet Ruffin and June Russell. The opening reception will be Thursday, June 16, 6-8pm with a gallery talk on Wednesday, June 22 at 11am. For more information, click here or call 713-718-6600. 


Ann Bell has designed several new one-day painting workshops for your creative pleasure & enrichment. All materials are provided. Beginners & experienced painters are welcome. See the complete schedule at http://www.annbell.net/classes.htm.  


Justina Page's book, The Circle of Fire, was published May 14. It is available at www.thecircleoffirebook.com, Amazon, & Barnes & Noble. Justina has book signings scheduled on June 7 at the Houston Fire Museum, June 11 at the National Black Book Festival in Houston, and July at the 11th Annual eWomen Network International Conference in Dallas.  For more information, visit www.thecircleoffirebook.com and www.thecircleoffire.net    


Interdisciplinary artist Claudia Kleefeld, a member who recently joined us from New Mexico, has two solo exhibitions slated for 2012 at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, IL and LA Artcore in Los Angeles, CA. Selections from Claudia's latest body of work Patterns of Nature: The Spiral and Interconnectedness will debut. With an emphasis on interconnectivity across disciplines, Claudia aims to join art and science by illustrating the pervasiveness of the spiral in nature. For example, every human being carries a spiral in each of his or her fingerprints. Please contact info@kleefeldart.com for further information.



Poetry Works is offering two Sunday summer sessions on June 5th and July 10th at 3:30 p.m. at Seabrook Coffee Oasis. These will be intensive critique groups that are free to Poetry Works members. Bring as many poems as you wish. Only five seats available now in this group. RSVP required by e-mail one week before each session. No guests allowed. Sol.Editor@prodigy.net


Lunch with a Poet Writing Group will meet each Wednesday in June/July/August. Any writing genre is welcome. Please note that a critique group is not included in these sessions. Seven prompts given each week in the expectation that each participant will write every day at home. $25 for Members, $35 for non-members. Only two seats are available now for this group.


Send your check to: Mary M. Carlisle, P.O. Box 57418, Webster, Texas 77598-7418. Direct questions to Sol.Editor@prodigy.net. RSVP to gulfcoastpoets@gmail.com. Visit sol-magazine-projects.org or gulfcoastpoets.info for more information.

WiVLA CALENDAR OF EVENTS_________________________________  


June 13, 6 p.m.

WiVLA Board meeting  

Live Oak Meeting House


June 21, 6 p.m.   

WiVLA Member meeting 

Museum of Printing History, 1324 West Clay  (Map


For a complete list of upcoming events, visit the WiVLA calendar.

WiVLA BOARD MEMBERS_____________________________________  


Lane Devereux   


Diane Griffin Gregory   
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Cathy Lachin   


Diana Meade


Rebecca Kveton   


Jean Caslin   


Terry Tompkins-Walsh   


Anna Phillips   
Visual Co-Chairs


Donna Durbin   
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Elizabeth Earle   
Literary Co-Chairs

Corry Austin   
Literary Co-Chairs


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Royce Ann Sline     


At Large


Jeanne Haner



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