November 2012


WiVLA's Mission: To provide an inspiring forum for women to explore and advance their creative development, to promote their work in the marketplace, and to infuse the community with their spirit of cooperation and invention.

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LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT_______________________________



Dear Friends,


Can you believe that Thanksgiving is in a few weeks? Fall is speeding by us. WiVLA is mounting its second annual Award Fund Campaign to raise money for the ECO Awards and the Gold Key Scholarships. The board of directors and a few other generous friends have started the new campaign off by pledging $1,030 towards our goal of $3,000. We need your help to raise the additional $1,970.


In order to save money, we are going to fundraise this year through an email campaign. You will soon receive an email asking you to contribute to the Award Fund Campaign. Please be generous and give as much as you can.


Don't you think WiVLA has the best logo around? Besides being beautiful, our pen and paintbrush combination captures the mission and membership of WiVLA perfectly. Wouldn't you like to show it off and brag about your participation in our great organization? You are going to have that chance very soon!


Black canvas tote bags with our logo printed large and in white ink will be available to purchase in time for holiday gift giving or for yourself. The proceeds from the tote bag sales will go to revamping our website, making it more vivid, colorful, and creative. We also plan to have gallery space available on the website for members to use. There will only be 100 printed, so be ready to place your order when the word goes out!


I am happy to announce that we will be adding a members-only directory to our website. This directory will be password protected so that non-members cannot access it. Look for the password in the announcement that the directory is ready to go.


WiVLA is once again participating in the City of Houston Citizenship Week, November 11 - 17. Our reading at Archway Gallery on November 15 will be listed on the calendar of events for Citizenship Week. Hopefully, we will have guests from the community join us at the reading.


December 8 brings the WiVLA Holiday Social at Cathy Lachin's home. Cathy hosted the party last year and has graciously offered to have us over once more. The best part of this event is the opportunity to meet each other's partners and friends. The promise of delicious food is also a great reason to attend the social. Details about the event and signing up for food donations follow later in the newsletter.


The Earth/Energy: Through Women's Eyes committee is busy putting the prospectus together for our March/April exhibition at the Houston Public Library. I hope you are already thinking about your visual or literary piece for this important show.





LETTER FROM THE EDITOR_____________________________________


Greetings all!


I just want to remind everyone that submissions for the newsletter are due on the 20th of every month and as we go into the holiday months if you want to submit early that would be great as well - please note on your email which issue it is intended for. My email for the newsletter info is newsletter@wivla.org. And don't forget to move your clocks forward one hour this Saturday night.







QUOTE OF THE MONTH_____________________________________ 



"The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself."


Anna Quindlen




Have a favorite creativity-themed quote?  
Send it to newsletter@wivla.org - it could be our next Quote of the Month.










On November 20, we will be electing the incoming board of directors for 2013. After the election, author Leah Lax will tell us about writing "The Refuge" with composer Christopher Theofanidis for the Houston Grand Opera. It is a full stage production into which she wove the personal stories of a broad range of Houstonians who are immigrants and refugees. She will share a few of the amazing stories she found during a year of field work, talk about what she learned from collaboration with artists of other media, and treat us to both powerful portrait photographs of her subjects and clips of moving music.





WiVLA members will be exhibiting their work at the Houston Public Library - Central Library in March and April 2013 in conjunction with the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA)annual conference being held in Houston. The theme for our show, Earth/Energy: Through Women's Eyes, responds to the conference's theme Earth/Energy. Artists may submit ceramics or ceramic-inspired paintings, photographs, and mixed media pieces for this important exhibition. Writers may submit work for a related literary reading planned for this exhibition.


WiVLA will get wide exposure through this exhibition and associated reading. It is our chance to "infuse the community with our spirit of cooperation and invention." Start planning your entry and watch for announcements from the exhibition committee.






Please join us on Thursday, November 15th for WiVLA's annual Archway Gallery reading.  The lineup will be; Cathy Santos, Kathleen Merritt, Mary Wright, Diana Weeks, Margo Toombs, Diane Door, Rebecca Kveton, Lane Devereux, Michelle Zacks, Martha De La Paz, Cathy Lachin and Linda Ann Stilljes. The alternates are: Leah Lax, Lillian Tharp, Corry Austin and Gretchen Havens.  Since this will be a scheduled event in the City of Houston Citizenship Week, we hope to have guests from the larger community. If there are any problems call:  Pat Morgan, 713-462-7405 or angeltrack@aol.com.  See you all there!     


DECEMBER IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER ...and so is the WiVLA Holiday Social!



That's right - party time is here, and you're all invited! This year's potluck event will be held Saturday, December 8, from 7:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m., in the Katy home of Cathy Lachin. Each WiVLA member may invite a guest and is asked to provide a dish or a beverage. Please look for printed invitations, directions to Cathy's home, and a refreshment sign-up sheet at the November meeting. If you can't make the meeting, or would like more information, feel free to e-mail Cathy at cplachin@yahoo.com. Last year's social was a great success, so let's all join in the festivities and make it another wonderful night to remember!


Sometimes WiVLA members wonder just what it is that their Board of Directors does. The board meets on the second Monday of each month for an exchange of creative ideas, thoughtful planning, and bottom-line business consideration, all in an effort to sustain and further the WiVLA mission. Look to Board Bites each month for a brief glimpse into what your board is currently working on. And don't forget to keep those Big Ideas coming - we appreciate each and every one of them!

In October:

  • Reviewed a promising list of dynamic presenters for upcoming meetings.
  • Moved forward on creating a password-accessible member directory on the WiVLA website.
  • Exchanged ideas for creating a more visually stimulating website.
  • Planned the November Archway Readers event to be held on November. Come to hear and support participating WiVLA writers!
  • Confirmed that preparations are underway for the Winter Holiday Social.
  • Brainstormed exciting fundraising ideas. Look for more info soon!



Crimson: Where are you from and how did you get here? (can be taken literally or figuratively)

I grew up in Grand Forks, North Dakota and left after high school to attend college in St. Louis, Missouri. I also married (twice), had kids in St. Louis, and established my career in telecommunications there. My family has moved several times because of my job. We also lived in Shawnee, Kansas and Escondido, California before we got to Houston in 1989. I really love Houston and can't imagine living anywhere else.


Cobalt Blue: Do you like your name? Why or why not?  Is there a family or friend story about your name?

I love my name - Lane fits me perfectly and Devereux is just classy. During my first marriage, I kept my maiden name (Gustafson), but I could not resist taking Devereux when the opportunity came along. My birth name is Mary Lane, but as I child I was always called Lanie. I had some trouble with my name when I started going to Catholic school in second grade. The nuns wouldn't call me Lanie because it wasn't a saint's name, and for many years, they called me Mary Lane, which I hated. At 16, I reclaimed the name Lane and have used it as my first name ever since.


Rose: What is your favorite memory?

I have sixty-two years of memories clamoring for the "Favorite Memory" trophy. How can I possibly choose just one? Any memory that includes my family and laughter is my favorite.


Chinese White: What has been your proudest moment? When did your heart pound out its absolute strongest beat as you clinched that golden ring? Details please! Don't be shy...we are going to enjoy celebrating this with you-even if it was back in 5th grade!

I grew up in a small city in a rural state. I attended a small Catholic high school. Outside of books, my whole world was small, but I wanted it to be bigger. When I was a sophomore in high school, I found out about a summer program for gifted students at the Northfield & Mount Herman prep schools in Massachusetts and I decided I was going there. Never mind that it was thousands of miles away; never mind that my parents could not afford it; and never mind that the maximum scholarship the program gave was not nearly enough for my parents to afford it. I decided I was going and I tackled the application forms energetically. I remember my mother explaining to me that I should not get my hopes up. Miracle of miracles, the program accepted me and awarded me the biggest scholarship they had ever given a student, making it possible for me to attend. My parents made the drive out there our family vacation and I took my first plane ride to come home. That summer was everything I dreamt it would be and it cracked my world open. Spending the summer of 1966 at Mt.Herman truly changed my life.


Sap Green: How did art discover you or you discover art? Describe your art journey up to this moment.

I never thought of myself as an artist. A writer, yes, I have been a writer as long as I can remember. An artist? No. Aren't artist's people who can draw and paint beautiful things? That is so not me. But give me a pile of miscellaneous stuff, some glue, cutting tools, embellishments, sewing machine or embroidery hoop, and an idea and I can turn it into sometime interesting and unexpected. It wasn't until I got involved with WiVLA that I realized that transforming "stuff" is just as much art as plein air painting.


Yellow Ochre: Where is your special place on earth? Where do you go when life presents difficulties? Where do you go to feel joy? Are they both the same? Do you have a place where you find your muse? Describe any or all of these.

I know this sounds corny, but it is the simple truth. My special place on earth, or in the universe, is anywhere I am with my husband, Michael .


Cadmium Orange: If you could have any kind of work situation, "dream job," or way you spend your time, what would it be? (Think: anything - no boundaries)

My dream job would be to be the employer of my own chef, housekeeper, personal secretary, and masseuse!




 Do You Good Search?


With the holidays quickly approaching, what a great way to help WiVLA earn FREE money! Each time you go to GoodSearch.com and type in "WiVLA" before you begin to search, our group receives a donation. Don't forget to use this search engine! (Or you can make Good Search your default search engine and you will not have to type in our name.)





Did you know WiVLA has a Facebook page? We do and we want you to LIKE us!  


Our Facebook page is an excellent tool for communicating informally among members. Do you have a show coming up? Post it on our page. Are you teaching a workshop or selling equipment? Post it on our page. Do you have a new brag to share? Post it on WiVLA's Facebook page.  


To find us on Facebookclick here, then LIKE us and post a greeting to all your WiVLA friends.



Ann Bell invites WIVLA members & guests to an afternoon of art at Art Square Open Studios on Saturday, November 3, noon until 5 PM. See Ann's new Mandala paintings, inspired by recent life-altering events. "Art touches the soul."


Ann will teach Creative Collage and Mixed Media Workshops in her Midtown studio on Friday & Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. 

 Four online classes are available for your inspiration on demand. To get all the details and to register, visit http://www.annbell.net/classes.htm  or call Ann at 281-330-3827.


Karleen Koen invites all to a reading on Saturday, November 10, 4 to 7pm at River Oaks Bookstore, the Assistance League of Houston presents Books & Beaujolais. Karleen Koen is one of the 3 featured authors speaking for 15 minutes. The Assistance League is committed to serving the educational and emotional needs of disadvantaged children and young adults. Tickets are $50. 


Mandalas: The Chakra Series is on view at 14 Pews (www.14pews.org) from now through November 11.  The series is focused on "Re-Zen-ing" people so they can be peaceful and happy.  We'll have chair massages, yummy treats, and even a talk/meditation on chakras. 


Cary Reeder will have two of her paintings at the 30th Visual Arts Alliance Juried Membership Exhibition at HeritagePlaza, 1111 Bagby. The show runs from now through December 1.


Eileen McClellan has a print in IMPRESSIONS, the 2012 PrintMatters Membership Exhibition, opening on October 18th at the Museum of Printing History.  The show will be up until Feb. 9th.  Artist's talks will be held on Jan. 26the from 6 - 7pm.


Jane Lowy's Victorian-era literary novel Wobbly Barstool is now available as an e-book!


Karen Smith's Joe Goodbuddy canvases and greeting cards are now being sold at One Green Street located 5160 Buffalo Speedway at the corner of Westpark and Buffalo Speedway in the Kroger shopping center. Check out their eco-friendly products like jewelry, lotions, seat belt handbags, and much, much more.


Art Opportunities Monthly Professional

(AOM) is offering a free, no-obligation 3-month subscription for those not yet familiar with it. To find out more and sign up, visit their website.  





Would you like to post an announcement? Send your email

by the 20th of the month to newsletter@wivla.org.



Inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement by WiVLA. We recommend you research each contest, and contact the sponsor(s). 


General Websites for artist exhibition Calls for Entry:









Fiber Art Calls for Entries: http://fiberartcalls.blogspot.com/    


Galveston Artist Residency: Chosen by pool of artists nominated by a panel of independent art professionals. Director: Eric Schnell   For More info: http://www.galvestonartistresidency.org 


The Jewish Woman's Art Network, a caucus within the National WCA announces a juried exhibit in N.Y.C. open to all women artists February 1-16, 2013.  The theme is Diaspora, and information can be found at www.nationalwca.org  or http://www.entrythingy.com/www.nationalwca.org#d. There are several other opportunities listed at these sites also. 


Artists Alive and Well , a Houston organization, provides numerous opportunities for members to exhibit in both juried and non-juried shows.  Coming up is a Black and White show at Hungry's Cafe in the Village and a Small Piece exhibit at a Galveston gallery in November. Plans are underway for a juried show open to members and non-members for January at 1600 Smith St.  Information available at www.artistsaliveandwell.com.


Awesome Houston Foundation. Monthly grants of $1,000. For more information, contact Allison Skidmore or click here. Any idea is fair game, profit or non-profit; just has to be awesome. The group votes on ideas monthly and awards the grant.


The Lone Star Art Guild is a non-profit organization started in Brenham, Texas in 1961. Visit their website to find more information about contests and art leagues that are within a 200-mile radius of Houston.


Womenarts Quarterly Journal seeks visual art. For submission guidelines and more information, visit their website.   


The Fort Worth Community Arts Center is seeking exhibition proposals from individual artists and curators in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana for all art forms, including new media, for its 2013-14 seasons. Proposals and images are reviewed on a biannual basis:  June & December. Fee: $20. Click here for more information.


New Contemporary Gallery. Submissions: Avis Frank welcomes submissions from artists and curators. We require that you submit a single e-mail, which includes all files and links. In addition to work samples, please submit an artist resume and biography. http://www.avisfrank.com 




Inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement by WiVLA. We recommend you research each contest, and contact the sponsor(s).   


Rattle is accepting poetry, translation, review, essay, and interview entries. Deadline: open. Click here for more information.


Telling Our Stories Press is seeking memoirs between 100-300 words for a memoir project. Deadline: rolling. Click here for more information.  


The Loop Online is an online scriptwriting site. Click here for information about various scriptwriting opportunities.


ByLine Magazine sponsors monthly contests for essays, short stories, poetry, articles, essays, and more. Deadline: open. For more information, visit Byline Magazine.


Fiction Weekly accepts submissions via email, reads year round, and responds to submissions within 30 days. For more details, please visit Fiction Weekly 


Scratch is a monthly writing contest that seeks new short fiction to be selected by rotating guest judges. Deadline: monthly. Small fee to enter, cash prizes and publication every month, plus annual anthology. For more information, click here.


Poets & Writers is a great source for writing contests. Check out Poets & Writers contests listings here.


Womenarts Quarterly Journal seeks literary art, including essays, fiction, poetry, reviews and interviews by women. For submission guidelines and more information, visit their website.


Creative Print Publishing offers a genuine, no fee book competition that stretches over 12 months. Each month a different genre; each month a winner. Winners are offered a contract, paid royalties, and receive full promotion and marketing strategies. Get full details of rules, genres and how to submit on their website.  






Monday, November 12 at 6 p.m.

WiVLA Board meeting  

Sosa Community Center

1414 Wirt Road

Houston, TX77055 


Tuesday, November 20 at 6 p.m.   

WiVLA Member meeting

Museum of Printing History

1324 West Clay  (Map)    

 Houston, TX 77019


For a complete list of upcoming events, visit the WiVLA calendar online.



President                   Lane Devereux (wivla.lanedev@yahoo.com)  

Vice President            Cookie Wells (wadsworth@sbcglobal.net)  

Secretary                   Cathy Lachin (cplachin@yahoo.com)  

Treasurer                   Pattie Berg (jewelry@sapamojo.com)  

Membership               Corry Austin (corry@sbcglobal.net)  

Communications         Jennifer Watson (jwatson7_77346@yahoo.com)  

Programs                   Rebecca Kveton (gigglesrk@aol.com)  

Newsletter                 Diane Door (dianedoor@gmail.com

Visual Arts                 Donna Durbin (donna@donnadurbin.com)  

                                 Michele Zacks (mazacks@hotmail.com)  

Literary Arts               Leah Lax (leahlax@sbcglobal.net)  

                                 Pat Morgan (angeltrack@aol.com)  

At Large                     Piyali Dasgupta (piyalidasgupta@hotmail.com)

                                 June Russell (jrrbug281@aol.com)  

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