November 2017

WiVLA November 28th Meeting
Please note this is the 4th Tuesday.

Holiday Gathering. We will celebrate the variety of seasonal holidays with a fun evening of great food, wonderful social time, and creative holiday crafts including an Artist Trading Card exchange. The only thing you need to bring is a bottle of something to drink or a favorite hors d’oeuvre or dessert. The board will get the supplies ready for the activities. Plan on having a night of camaraderie and fun!
Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Archway Gallery at 2305 Dunlavy, Houston TX 77006
5:45 – Mix and Mingle     6:15 – Short business meeting
6:30 – Holiday Party    
President's Message:
Sitting in an audience last week, I was entranced by Lori McKenna’s singing.  She sings of home, of minivans and five kids, of being humble and kind, and, of course, she sings of love. Her voice was birdsong, melodious and rich.  Lori is a small woman, and the guitar looked oversized hanging from her shoulder, but it was very willing to blend with her voice to make beautiful music.
     Between songs, Lori shared bits of herself with us – five kids ranging in age from college to kindergarten, her dislike of the recording studio, her love of stories. She chuckled when she described one song-writing session: Kids are all at school, I’m still in my sweatpants. I sit at the dining room table with my coffee and the thread of words that has wrapped itself around my little finger so I don’t forget it. I worked those words, trying to find their right places when I suddenly heard the door slam. Kids are home already? I looked up, and found it to be late afternoon – where did the day go? And I’m still in my sweatpants.
     Flow. Lori was in the moment, in the flow, somewhere in time, fully immersed, in the zone. Oh, but what a glorious state that is! Creative energy flows in and out with our breathing, there is no time, intuition is running rampant and the maker is making. This place of relaxed and heightened energy is not just for artists, writers, or performers – it can happen to anyone who becomes deeply involved with a project, including athletes. Baseball players report that during times of a team getting hit after hit, the ball begins to look bigger and easier to hit. (I have been watching a bit of baseball lately….)
     Several weeks ago, some of our members visited Becky Soria’s studio to preview her paintings of goddesses for her show, Landscapes of the Goddess Within. In her painting studio, Becky described the times of painting as a time when she doesn’t think, she summons her intuition and lets it flow through her onto the canvas. She said she often doesn’t know where her images come from, only that they arrive from within and make their way through her into the painting. Additionally, music is a powerful tool for Becky to conjure this intuition and flow and let them do their magic.
     Now it’s your turn. Visit Becky’s show, which opens on November 4, and let her images, colors, and symbols speak to you. Then let them help you find a literary response to her work in whatever genre you wish. Time is fast approaching, as our reading is November 16 (see more details in this newsletter).
     Don’t feel that flow yet? The intuition not happening?  Poet Sarah Cortez says, don’t wait for it to come to you. Go to meet it. Be ready – you never know when it’s coming. And - this is so very important - put your butt in the chair, and a pencil in your hair. 
   Cori Austin
Rescheduled date is Saturday, November 11
     The event is hosted by Writespace and introduces Houston’s large writing community, from Inprint to Public Poetry, to one and all. WiVLA is proud to be a co-sponsor of this event.
   WiVLA writers have a chance to *build community, *develop writing friendships, *learn from more experienced writers, *fortify their knowledge of craft, *learn about critique groups, *hear WiVLA members participate in a panel discussion about WiVLA, *Get $20 off their registration -- see special code below.
   Tickets are available for all-day or half-day sessions. WiVLA members receive a $20 discount. Here’s the link for more information and to register. EVENT DATE: Saturday, November 11th, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
PRICE - Between $35 and $115, depending on ticket type REGISTER at this link & use the code WOMANOFWORDS to receive $20 off the ticket price! A portion of ticket sales purchased using this code goes to support WiVLA.
   Click here to see the promotional flyer and detailed info. We hope to see you the WRITERS FAMILY REUNION!
=============   ================   =========
Find your Inner Goddess for November’s forthcoming
WiVLA Reading at Archway; Submissions due by Nov. 15   WiVLA writers are invited to participate in the annual WiVLA Reading at Archway Gallery on November 16, hosted as it is every year by our dear friends at Archway Gallery. But this year, there’s a different slant involving artist Becky Soria’s show, Landscapes of the Goddess Within, which opens to the public November 4.
   Between November 4 and 16, WiVLA writers and artists who write are invited to tour Becky’s show and write a short piece from something in her work that inspires you. Are you intrigued? We hope so.
   Poetry, play, fiction, essay, memoir….the genre is up to you, writer/artist who writes. However, the length is not.
Topic: The goddess within
Length: 500 words or fewer. To qualify to read, the reading must be no more than five (5) minutes. This means reading aloud and timing yourself. We’ll ring a bell if you go over time in the reading. The chairpersons are committed to good timing.
**Sign up: Submissions should be emailed to Karleen Koen at between now and November 15.** 
Reading date: Thursday, November 16, 6:30 pm at Archway Gallery. Click here to see the gallery poster for the exhibit.
Event: WiVLA’s annual reading at Archway Gallery, a tradition of many years. (Literary Chairs)
Voting on WiVLA Nominations
   The slate of officers for 2018 is nearly complete. Expect an email announcement soon outlining the new and returning board members and the slate that will be presented for voting at November’s meeting. We appreciate the acceptances and know that, although life is busy in so many ways, you have made WiVLA  a priority.
   Many thanks to the nominating committee.
Melody Locke writes about the Memoir Workshop with Donna Johnson – Rewrite Your Life: Finding Meaning in Story  [The editor thanks Melody!]
   At 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 7, nineteen women gathered at Central Market to attend a workshop on writing memoir led by Donna Johnson, the author of Holy Ghost Girl. She started the workshop by reading one of her unpublished works about a brief childhood relationship and the impact that it had on her life. The engrossing story provided an example of how one could use memoir to connect with the reader through personal frailties and flaws. In addition to her reading from her work, she read examples of memoir by Jo Ann Beard, Boys of my Youth, and Lydia Yukanavitch, The Chronology of Water
  As she noted during our March meeting, Donna explained how memoir is not an autobiography, but it is about a person's perspective and memories of life, which are bounded by life and time. She gave the attendees an opportunity to put pencil to paper when she asked them to write about a couple of their life experiences. Although some participants struggled with these exercises, others wrote truly inspiring prose that impressed the participants and Donna. 
   Near the end of the session that seemed to end far too soon, Donna shared the following quote from Frederick Buechner, which reinforced Donna's assertion that memoir was more than "just the facts."
 "Memory is more than looking back to a time that is no longer; it is a looking out into another kind of time altogether, where everything that ever was continues not just to be, but to grow and change with the life that is in it still." 
   To supplement the day’s readings and discussion, Donna recommended The Art of Memoir by Mary Karr. Donna's presentation left the group clamoring for more and looking forward to a return engagement and another in-depth workshop
Links to books:
Jere Pfister's talk at the October meeting was spellbinding.
   A small but intent audience was wrapped in the spell of an expert storyteller as Jere Pfister wove past and present personal narratives into a moving story about her life and marriage and the impact of disturbances - big like Hurricane Harvey and small like forgotten car routes and missing words - on changing the rhythms of one's life. Using the image of Harvey, the invisible rabbit pooka in the play and movie of the same name, Jere told us historical and "mythical" episodes in her courtship and marriage to Ted. 
    Known for her background in art, playwriting, poetry, memoir,  and performance, Jere's smooth transitions from the movie imagery to personal situations led the listeners on a journey of love, humorous incidents, pathos, and re-telling of real problems with caring problem-solving in a relationship of more than 57 years. It was easy to see and hear Jere's performance prowess as she gestured, changed her glances, and used her voice to dramatize her stories. Other aspects that stood out in the presentation were Jere's tell-it-like-it-is vocabulary and her ability to weave current issues and national news into the very personal situations that she shared. 
  The evening concluded with Jere and the audience discussing realism in creative non-fiction and the power inherent in conversation and sharing with others to shed wise perspective on societal problems and challenges.



This year is the fortieth anniversary of the National Women’s Conference held November 18-21, 1977. At this momentous event, 2,000 elected delegates and around 32,000 observers descended upon Houston to participate in the first and only federally funded National Women’s Conference in U.S. history. The Houston Conference reflected the tensions of a nation at a crossroad with some seeing it as a promising expression of a more representative, rights-centered democracy and others viewing it as a liberal misuse of taxpayers’ dollars.

U of H expects to carry on the conversation in Houston once again this fall, looking forward to the challenges women face in the early twenty-first century as we reflect on past successes and failures. We invite you to return to Houston and take stock of this historic gathering. In honor of this moment the University of Houston is hosting a two-day conference, November 6-7, bringing together former participants and dynamic scholars.


for information:

WiVLA will have a table set up Tuesday evening in the courtyard between the Moore's school of music and the Fine Arts Building.  If you'd like to stand WiVLA proud and woman the table with a few other members, email Cori Austin.


We’re Looking for a Few Good Women
 WiVLA has so many opportunities in the near future – we want your input and ideas! Please consider participating in one of the following committees – you are valuable to WiVLA’s burgeoning programming and – one of the best perks about working on a committee – you develop relationships with other members and acquire a sense of belonging and being “in the know.” 
   Consider one of the following groups, and let me, Cori, know which one you’d like to work on:
  • Scholarship - we have $1000 per year to donate to a worthy individual, organization, or idea. Formerly the Gold Key Scholarship. Present to our January meeting.
  • Rebranding/Strategic Planning - Let's bring our brand into the current culture. How to attract new members of all ages, how to contemporize our brand, what are the goals for our future, etc.? Survey data will be very helpful for this.
  • Social Saavy Workshop in January - need a committee to put together the workshop in an interesting and workable format, including as many forms of social media as possible, hands on, a variety of presenters, some already in place.
  • WiVLA Holiday Market, (or WiVLA (other holiday) Market, 2018, for WiVLA members to sell their artwork and writing.

  • Cori Austin sends this notice about (Wo)Men on Boats: A Paired Art Exhibition with Main Street Theater’s Production of Men in Boats  According to Main Street Theater’s Brochure, the play Men in Boats "is the true(ish) history of an 1869 epic expedition down the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon by a one-armed captain and his zealous crew. Oh, and in the production, all the explorers are played by women." Let’s have some fun with this one! Or make it serious if you want. The course is up to you so find your compass and start creating!   The art exhibit will be held in the theater's upstairs classroom, so all pieces need to be hung on a wall. Specific dimensions and a link to the prospectus will be available soon. This will be an un-juried show, however, WiVLA reserves the right of final decisions for inclusion based on appropriateness to theme, quality of work, and hanging arrangements. You may submit up to two pieces, however, only one piece will be chosen per person for the exhibit.   The opening will be Saturday, February 10, 2018.  WiVLA members have the opportunity to attend the performance that night as a group. We will provide further details about purchasing tickets at a later date. All hands on deck, grab your oar, and push off! WiVLA is afloat and running the rapids! Further information about the actual historical trip is available through numerous references on Google, several books, and an American Experience broadcast. Click here for helpful links.
  • [Editor's choice to repeat news.] Cori Austin calls our attention to Google Photos and Facebook items by Regina Vitolo Mader, our social media guru. Regina encourages everyone to share their WiVLA photos to a Google album. Click here to read her thoughtful request and see more details. Regina says: "Hi, everyone, this is a link to WIVLA'S GOOGLE PHOTOS ALBUM. Please feel free to to upload any of your own WiVLA photos, or email them to me at" Use this link to the album itself. And, finally, use this one for a how-to tutorial on Facebook. [Editor notes that there's a TUTORIAL link.]
  • Margo Stutts Toombs says mark your calendars: Free Writers' Retreat on Saturday, January 20 from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. Location to be announced.
  • WiVLA members are saddened to learn of the death of former member Lucia Ferrara Bettler, founder and owner of Lucia's Garden. The obituary for Lucia, a truly creative, passionate, and loving woman, can be found here. Along with many family members and friends, we will miss her.

Please send in your news by the 20th of each month - art exhibits, literary works, news, etc. -  for inclusion in the following month’s newsletter to
  • In September, Harriet Riley had pieces published in Houstonia magazine, the Houston Chronicle Gray Matters blog, the 1888 website, and Spider Road Press hurricane haiku project
  • Melody Locke writes: "One of my lumen prints was selected for the Unique: Alternative Processes exhibition at the A Smith Gallery in Johnson City. The exhibition runs from November 24, 2017 through January 14, 2018." This link provides the details: unique: alternative processes - A Smith Gallery
  • Margo Stutts Toombs received special notice in a review by Hal Wixon, founder and director of the Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival. Margo's film, Antidote for the Wicked World We Live In, was shown in the recent 2017 festival. The link to the article is
  • Roberta Sajda writes: "I'm hoping to find find four or five artists who would like to join me in opening a studio one block from 1960 on Stubner. Currently we have a bathroom, large wall space, sink, and shareable fridge. We also will be able to utilize an adjoining small classroom space for teaching. The costs could be in these ranges: For $60 if we have 6, for $110 if we have 3. The amount includes utilities. Improvements to the warehouse space would be shared [and are] anticipated improvements including repainted floor and walls, window AC unit, possible additional lighting, signs and flyers." If interested or you have questions, you can reach Roberta at
  • Lilibeth Andre has had a busy autumn. She was guest artist at the Kerrville Chalk Art 2017, which exhibited artwork in a wonderful family environment in the Texas hill country by the Guadalupe River and at the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center. Lilibeth has launched Tu Salud, Naturalmente/Your Health, Naturally: An online radio/TV talk show on CBBA Radio to demystify holistic health and broaden collaborations between therapists and medical practitioners. The show is live on Wednesdays at 4:00 pm, and it runs in Spanish and in English (4:30pm). She is host and creative producer. Finally, her book The Songs of My Grandfather is now available in eBook format. It is available where online books are sold.
  • Judith Shamp's textile and mixed-media art continues to be exhibited at NARTHEX (art in the narthex) at First Congregational Church, 10840 Beinhorn Rd. Houston. "My work will be up October through December. I plan to be on site each Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and this timing will dovetail with the Farmers' Market. So come out and see me and buy provisions for the week." 
  • Debbie Blumberg is co-chairing the regional conference of the American Society of Journalists and Authors in Austin in February 2018. Please see the ANNOUNCEMENTS section for full details and the link to the conference.
  • Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak has work in a group exhibition curated by Sally Reynolds entitled Known and Underknown on view at Two Allen Center, 1200 Smith Street, Houston 77002 through November 16, 2017. The location is open during business hours. Lydia says, "I do hope that you will have a chance to visit this exhibition. Many thanks!"
  • Editor’s Note: We know a lot of you are showing your work and getting articles and books published, so we ask you to send the information to by the 20th of each month. We want to support you and come to your openings and readings; timely info to the newsletter gets the word to members and their friends and contacts.

~ Editor's Emphasis: I'm repeating a couple of announcements.

~ Next Iteration Theatre has its annual ReadFest Houston 2017 on November 2 to 4. Six play readings, six theater companies, one location at the MATCH, 3400 Main Street, Houston TX 77002. See Next Iterations website at
~ Speaking of the MATCH theater, that place has a great deal of activity going on. Check out their schedule of performances at

~ Fuente Collective is another group with creative happenings throughout the autumn. Visit their website at 
Incidentally, WiVLA member Tayyba Kanwal, co-founder of FuenteCo, is helping to raise donations for the recovery in Puerto Rico. You can contact her at

~ Member Patricia Flaherty Pagan, editor in chief at Spider Road Press says that her feminist small press pulled together a Healing Through Creativity-Hurricane Haiku project. Untitled, traditionally formatted haiku about the hurricane, evacuation, or recovery efforts were sought for a creative healing project. Although at newsletter publication time the deadline is past, interested readers can find the haiku on the press's blog and possibly in a visual exhibit at our upcoming flash fiction awards ceremony/bithday party. A link to the press website is here.

~ Member Debbie Blumberg says: Save the date: February 3, 2018 - Debbie is co-chair of the American Society of Journalists and Authors regional writers conference next spring in Austin (and also the co-president of the group's Texas chapter). This is shaping up to be an amazing event for writers, freelancers, book authors, content marketers--anyone who's making a living from writing--to make connections and pick up new skills. Stay tuned for more information! (HTTP://TINY.CC/ASJATX). For more information on volunteering or sponsorship opportunities, please email   AND This just in: Here are more details on the lineup for ASJA's writers' conference in Austin this spring! Debbie is co-chairing and she says, "We're super excited to hear from acclaimed essayist and novelist Sarah Bird. Check out the full schedule, and please spread the word! Registration is open." Click here to open the link. Here is the link as text:  

~ Member Shaheen Rahman writes to invite us to the Islamic Arts Festival. "The first Islamic Arts Festival was held in Houston in November 2014. Since its humble beginnings four years ago, the festival has become the impetus for a national movement.The 2017 Festival will showcase the art of 50 artists in a 10,000 sq. ft. area and is expected to draw over 5000 visitors. The 4th annual Islamic Arts Festival will bring together people from diverse cultures, faiths, and backgrounds for two days of learning, fun, and festivity. 

An estimated 200,000 Muslims live in the Greater Houston area. The purpose of this event is to celebrate our culture and promote the positive image of our community among Muslims and non-Muslims. The festival provides an excellent opportunity for cross cultural education and dialogue among children and adults. Arts is a universal language and help build bridges between communities. Our Festival is sure to captivate the casual visitor as well as the serious student of art.

The next Islamic Arts Festival is scheduled for 11th & 12th of November 2017. We look forward to seeing you at our festival in November!"

~ June Russell, visual co-chair points members to the excellent website for Public Poetry events for the month and, as June notes, call for submissions and contests. Click the blue link for PP's great web page.   The editor notes that the Public Poetry website is always hopping with ideas, events, and opportunities for collaboration.

Former WiVLA president Jane Mulholland encourages everyone to check out the Houston Writers Guild website where a full slate of events and call for entries are listed in a very appealing way. Events include Tier 2 Critique Groups.

~ From Cori Austin:  This seems to be a blog with a different topic every time it comes out.  It all relates to marketing your art. It might be helpful for artists and writers.
~ Inprint opens its doors at 1520 West Main on the first Friday of every month from 9 am to 12 noon for a writing cafe. Any and all writers looking for a pleasant morning space in which to write are welcome. For information, click here.  Be sure and use the link to confirm the Friday availability. A few Fridays in 2017 are blocked due to other schedules. http://

WriteSpace   is offering several workshops in November. For pricing, registration and more information, go to the WriteSpace website or contact them. Please see the WriteSpace website for details. Additionally, it's time to register for Writespace Writers' Family Reunion which will be Saturday, November 11. WiVLA is a co-sponsor of this event and WiVLA members receive a discount. See the article in this issue. Use the code for the discount. 

~ Events and upcoming shows are noted on the Visual Arts Alliance (VAA) helpful website at

Cori Austin reminds us that Creative Mornings Houston has special and interesting programs. Every month, creative people gather at a designated place for a program designed to inspire and entertain. There is time for networking, visiting, meeting new people, and having some kind of morning food and drink. To join, sign up for the Houston newsletter at It’s always on a Friday morning and begins at 8:30 am. The location changes each time. 

~ Archway Gallery has a great website: Click here to go to the website. Monthly exhibits and special events. Please see article in this issue about the WiVLA Reading on November 16th.

~ Art Houston is a new local magazine dedicated to all types of art and they are seeking articles. For general submission guidelines, contact the publisher at Art Houston.

~  Writers will find an abundance of resources on this new website created by writing coach Joan Dempsey.

Calls for Entry:  Visual Art
Inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement by WiVLA. We recommend you research each contest, and contact the sponsor(s).

~ Harriet Riley sends a notice that Houston’s Diverse Works is accepting applications from visual artists for the Idea Fund and Diverse Discourse.  The Idea Fund provides cash awards to artists at three distinct levels: Spark ($1,000), Catalyst ($4,000), and Stimulus ($7,000) artist-generated, or artist-centered projects that exemplify the unconventional, interventionist, conceptual, entrepreneurial, participatory, or guerrilla artistic practices that occur outside of the traditional frameworks of support. Support is provided for individual artists, curators, collectives, collaboratives, or partnerships from the Houston metro area (Harris, Galveston, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Waller, Chambers, Liberty, and Montgomery counties). Find their site and the application at this link.  The deadline is Monday, November 6, 2017.

~ Rona Lesser posted two Women's Caucus for Art notices on the WiVLA Facebook page. The deadlines are in early November. The entry rules and a great deal of information can be found on these two pages. Click here to go to the information.
Editor's Note: This one is a call for art and writing:
Open Call for Women's Art and Writing 
Subject: Open Call for Women's Art and Writing. Women, in all your lovely identifying forms, Pink Panther Magazine is accepting submissions of art, poetry, and prose for future issues. Send us work that embodies the female experience,whether it be political, professional, personal, domestic, relational, social,and/or spiritual. We’re hungry for art and writing with a central focus on the woman inside and outside of these influences.
   Send up to five poems per submission or up to two short stories or personal essays in a single .doc file attachment AND embed the text in the body of your email. For art, sendup to ten images as .jpg attachments. If we need a higher resolution version of an image for publication purposes, we'll notify you. We do accept previously published work. Send your best to Not sure what PPM is looking for? Find our full guidelines and image examples at

About the Magazine:
Pink Panther Magazine is a semi-annual international women’s art and literature publication in its eighth year. We offer a print and digital version of each issue. PPM's vision is to give women a voice through the promotion of their art and writing. The magazine aims to provide a multicultural atmosphere that focuses on today’s women's issues—a safe, nurturing place to explore ideas and celebrate the unique experiences of women in every phase of their lives.
~ Fraction Magazine is an online venue dedicated to contemporary and fine art photography. It brings together diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from around the globe.They accept submissions from new and emerging photographers.

~ FreshArts, of which we are members, has many opportunities for artists listed on their website - check it out!

~ CAFE' for Artists! is a website that lists calls for entry nation-wide. Descriptions of type of art and theme are listed, as is a link for more information. Deadlines are included.
Calls for Entry:  Literary Art
Inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement by WiVLA. We recommend you research each contest, and contact the sponsor(s).

~ Please see the notice from Pink Panther Magazine under Visual Art with a Call for Entry that is for both art and writing. Thank you! 

~ June Russell, visual co-chair, sends very interesting websites that are chock full of visual and literary workshop information. See one of the most current, most interesting websites here. It is Santa Fe Workshops and they are organizing sessions in lovely destinations such as Cuba, San Miguel, Santa Fe, and Tokyo.
~ Gulf Coast: A Journal of Literature and Fine Arts announces its 2017 contests and awards. The literary journal was founded at the University of Houston and holds an annual event with cash awards to the winners and publication opportunities. Please click "Contests" on their web page for full information and submission guidelines.

~ Houston Writers Guild has a call for entry notice on the guild's website

~ Poets & Writers has a great database of conferences and residencies for writers. Check it out.
~ A Yahoo group has an ongoing and frequently updated list of creative writing opportunities. Writers can join and the notifications come directly to your email.     
~ Winning Writers is another great website for writing opportunities. Check it out by clicking here

[The editor thanks pixabay for free images, especially TerriC.]

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Amazon Smile provides your favorite nonprofit with a percentage of the purchase each time you go through Amazon Smile to get to  Women in the Visual and Literary Arts is listed and can be chosen as your favorite charity or nonprofit.  

Please forward WiVLA Voices to all your friends who might be interested in WiVLA. BRING A FRIEND TO OUR NEXT MEETING!

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