September 2018

    September Meeting, Tuesday September 18   
Artist INC: 
What It Did For Me and What It Can Do For You

Luisa Duarte

     Luisa was part of the 2017 inaugural class of Artist INC Houston. The eight week program always ends with a grand celebration in the Legacy Room at City Hall.  Seeing all the presentations and hearing the stories of the marketplace successes of the participants was an inspiring evening.  Luisa  and the 24 other artists met one night a week for eight weeks to learn business skills specific to their needs.  The artists worked cooperatively in large and small group situations and with facilitator mentors. Only 25 participants are accepted for its once-a-year session. 
  Sponsored by Fresh Arts, 2019 will be its third class.  Applications will be accepted November 1, 2018 - January 6, 2019.  Luisa will provide an insider's perspective of the program, and some guidelines for applying.  Artist INC may be a wonderful opportunity for you!

Archway Gallery  2305 Dunlavy, Houston TX 77006
5:45 – 6:15  Mix and Mingle
6:15 – 6:30  Short business meeting
6:30 – 7:30  Luisa Duarte:  Artist INC
7:30 -  Dinner to follow nearby (dutch-treat) after we pick up the meeting area at Archway. 

President's Message: The Guerrilla Girls
Did you know that 51% of visual artists are women?  Or that 50% of MFAs are earned by women? But where are these women on the walls of museums and galleries?
   A friend introduced me to the Guerrilla Girls at the Dallas Museum of Art last weekend. They are a group of women artists with a message: Artists who are women, women and men of color, and LGBT are all extremely underrepresented and underpaid in the art world.
   Beginning in 1985, the Guerrilla Girls, an anonymous group of female artists and art professionals, have used gorilla masks, satiric posters, and videos to prove that edgy humor is a great weapon against unfair representation. The New York Times Book Review called their first book, Confessions of the Guerrilla Girls, “a leveling indictment of bigotry in the art world. The work of the Guerrilla Girls elevates cage-bar rattling to a fine art.”
    The literary world is no different. VIDA is an organization that is committed to creating transparency about the lack of gender parity in publishing. Like visual arts, the literary arts also suffer a discrepancy in published women versus men. 
   As members of Women in the Visual and Literary Arts, we have a unique opportunity to add our voices to other women’s and work toward change in this lopsided representation. Having an all-woman membership, we can pay particular attention to the needs and desires of our members, and help support each other in the marketplace. 
   I know that I will view the paintings at the MFAH and Menil with an eye toward representation of women on my next visit. You might find me making tally marks on my notepad, counting.   
For further reading:
Poster work created by the Guerrilla Girls.
    Cori Austin


Is  it the final frontier?
   Is it inner space or out there space?
   Does it describe a particular area?
   By now, collaborators have agreed to collaborate. The forms have been submitted and the creative energies of the partners in collaboration are rising and working for the upcoming exhibit and reading. It is exhilarating to imagine the perspectives and works that we will view and hear from WiVLA collaborators.
   This collaboration will be hung and presented at the Houston Public Library central building in downtown Houston in November and December.  The opening reception will be on November 3, 1-4 pm, with the readings taking place at 2 pm.  
   WiVLA is very well known for its collaborative events. Few other organizations offer such a unique venture. The growth of each artist and the pure pleasure of the working time together will be unforgettable.
Deadline reminders:
* a) On or before September 15: Digital images of completed visual artwork portion of collaboration submitted to  See prospectus for specific sizing details. 
b) Completed written portion of the collaboration submitted to along with the excerpt of written portion. See prospectus for specific details.  Literary reserves the right to format or eliminate portions to fit correct size at time of printing.
* November 1: Artwork delivered to Houston Public Library, Central Branch, from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. A WiVLA member will be present to sign in your work. If you are unable to deliver your work, please make arrangements for someone else to deliver it.
* November 3: Saturday, November 3 will be the Opening Reception for both the visual portion of the exhibition and the literary readings at the Houston Public Library. The art exhibition will be near the main entrance, and the readings will take place downstairs. Time: 1:00 – 4:00 pm with the readings beginning at 2:00 pm.
* December 31: Exhibition closes. Take down will be a date in early January 2019.
WiVLA's Literary Reading at Archway Gallery.
Thursday, November 15th
My Mother’s Purse 
What was in your mother’s purse? Money? Love? Indifference? Lipstick? Nurturing? Old love letters? Addiction? Too little? Too much?
   Our mothers are our first mirrors. What was in her purse? That’s the prompt for Wivla’s Annual Readings at Archway in November. More details about the reading will be forthcoming. Keep on writing!
Critique Group Dos and Don'ts
August Meeting Recap
     Creating is isolated work.  We are often in our studios or writing rooms, carving time from family needs or work needs, with little opportunity to be together for feedback from other artists or writers.  Thus, critique groups exist - ones in which like-minded artists or writers gather to help each other, or classes in which critiques are a built-in part of instruction.    
     Critique is a word that can be misunderstood when it comes to helping creative people with their work.  It is a helpful and honest process, one that provides information to the creator.  It is not a list of what is wrong with someone's work.
    Chris Cander and Cookie Wells provided two affirming perspectives on critique groups at the last meeting.  Chris is a fiction writer and Cookie is a visual artist working mostly in watercolor.  Both count critique groups among the best ways to help creatives improve writing and art.  
     They stressed some important considerations (these can apply to both literary and visual):
  • Create or join a group which shares the same goals
  • Be in similar creative stages: emerging, publishing, or beginning, etc.
  • Have clear expectations for what is due for each meeting
  • Consider your own needs - if you are joining a group of writers, remember that each piece they submit will require time from you to critique ahead of time. Find a group with a manageable number of members.
  • Most creatives find that being in a group that has a similar style or genre is helpful to the members.  Cookie's group is composed of artists who all do works on paper.  Chris' group is all fiction writers.  Sometimes having a group that goes across genres can work also, but it's good to find a genre-buddy within the group.
  • Establish a constructive feedback structure - nonjudgmental - what is clear, unclear, unbalanced, why something works or doesn't work - without telling how to fix it.
  • Questioning is often a good strategy for feedback, "Did you ever think about this?  Why not try _____ instead.
  • If yours is the work which is being critiqued, just listen and take notes.  You don't have to defend, nor agree. If there's time, you may be able to offer an explanation later.  Take the input as possible useful information.  
Cookie described an earlier critique group she was in as a "Lovefest."  They had good relationships with each other, had important feedback to share, and could all grow because of it.  
Critique Group Information and
Announcements from August speaker Chris Cander, Author.  

How can you find a writer's critique group?
Writers conferences and associations (like this one!) are great ways to meet critique partners:
  • When chatting with people, mention your interest in starting a group. Even if that person isn’t interested, he or she can connect others to you.
  • Start a sign-up sheet (ask the conference organizer to make sure it’s okay first).
  • Tell the organizers you’re looking for a group, and see if they have advice.
  • Participate in critique roundtables. If you enjoy other people’s work, approach them afterward and see if they might like to exchange material.
  • Inked Voices: tailored to online workshops typically limited to four to eight writers in a genre. All groups are private and invitation only.
  • Agent Query Connect: for advice on querying when you're at that stage, also have wanted ads for critique partners
  • This community has over 10,000 members and has given over 280,000 critiques since 1995.
  • Ladies Who Critique is not a critique site, but a place for writers looking for writing partners or groups.
  • YouWriteOn is a hybrid between a review community and a critique site. Writers upload work for review, which gets randomly assigned to another member. Members then are expected to give random reviews. There are certain months for writer feedback and development and other months where editors from Random House and Orion read top-rated submissions.
     Writing classes may be a great entry into critique as well as instruction.  Check out Writespace, Inprint, Grackle and Grackle, The Writers House, and The Writing Barn in Austin
     Chris says, "My novel The Weight of a Piano will be released January 22, 2018 by Alfred A. Knopf. I’d love for you to join me at the launch event that night (location TBD) hosted by Brazos Bookstore and featuring a theatrical performance of portions of the novel and music by Konner Scott, who composed an original piece for the book. In the meantime, I would be more than grateful if you would consider pre-ordering the book either through Brazos or another venue (AmazonIndieBound  or Barnes & Noble for example). Pre-orders matter a great deal to publisher, who considers those figures as an indicator of future sales and therefore as a deciding factor in how generously to allocate resources to promote the book. As artists and writers yourselves, I don’t have to tell you how much that can mean to the author’s reputation. I thank you so much for your interest and support."
WiVLA Invited by Houston History Alliance
Houston History Alliance will be holding their biennial conference this year, themed The Amazing Stories of Houston Women.  WiVLA will have a table there on Saturday, October 6, from 8 - 4:30.  We will be able to promote WiVLA, display members' written and visual work, and also offer members' items for sale.  We only have a six foot table, though, so let Cori know if you'd like your work displayed, or would like to participate in person to sell your work.

  • Visual Arts Alliance VAA has an upcoming special event: A lecture from Pete Gershon on his book “Collision: A History of the Contemporary Arts Scene in Houston. On Wednesday, September 5, Visual Arts Alliance (VAA) invites members and guests to a lecture from Pete Gershon on his new book, “Collision: The Contemporary Art Scene in Houston, 1972–1985,” which presents a survey of Houston's art scene during a transformative decade. The lecture will begin promptly at 5:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the Glassell School of Art, 5101 Montrose Blvd, Houston, TX 77006. The evening will conclude with a tour of the exhibition curated by Gershon at the Glassell School gallery, featuring artists working during the years covered by the book. Copies will be available for sale and signing following the event. Pete Gershon is the program coordinator for the Core Residency Program at the Glassell School of Art of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and the author of “Painting the Town Orange: Houston’s Visionary Art Environments.” He resides in Houston.
  • On Thursday, October 4th, WiVLA will be the arts organization that benefits from Fresh Arts' Cultured Cocktails at Boheme Cafe and Wine Bar on Fairview Street near Taft Street. A percentage of the bar proceeds from 5:00 to 8:00 pm will belong to WiVLA. We are planning special and delightful activities to promote WiVLA at this time and venue. Please watch for more details. Meanwhile, if you would like to support other Fresh Arts organizations at Cultured Cocktails, click here for the calendar for August and September. Viva Fresh Arts and Boheme Cafe!
  • Your shopping makes a difference. Do your regular Amazon shopping at and Amazon donates to Women in the Visual and Literary Arts. 
Please send in your news by the 23rd of each month - art exhibits, literary works, news, etc. -  for inclusion in the following month’s newsletter to
  • Sharon Worley exhibited artwork at the Crosby Community Center 17th Annual Arts and Crafts Exhibit. A reception was held on Friday, August 24 from 5:00 - 7:30 p.m. Her artwork remained on display until Wednesday, August 29.
  • Jody T. Morse is happy to report that on Saturday, September 15th from 6:30-8:00 pm, three award-winning local authors will read their work from and sign copies of “I Am Strength: True Stories of Everyday Superwomen” at Kaboom Books in Houston. Join Eloísa Perez-Lozano, WiVLA member Jody T. Morse, and Houston’s Poet Laureate Deborah Mouton for this one-time, free, open to the public event celebrating super women! The location is Kaboom Books, 3116 Houston Avenue, Houston TX 77009. 50% of book sales will be donated to the Houston Area Women's Center. Questions or info? Please contact
  • Melody Locke received a Director's Honorable Mention for her print, entitled "20th Century Pastime" submitted to A Smith Gallery's exhibition Forgotten. Melody attended the opening reception on August 25. A second reception is September 29. The gallery is located at 103 North Nugent Avenue, Johnson City TX 78636. The website is www.a
  • Sandi Stromberg's poems have recently been accepted by Colere: A Journal of Cultural Exploration ("The English Student"), and the 2019 Texas Poetry Calendar from Kallisto Gaia Press ("Wimberley Winter"). She has also been selected as a juried poet in the 2018 Houston Poetry Fest and will have a poem in this year's anthology. She will read either Saturday, Oct. 13 at 7:30 or Sunday, Oct. 14 at 2:00 p.m.  Additionally, on Saturday, Oct. 6, she has been invited for the second time to read her poetry at Concert for Peace at St. Philip Presbyterian Church, 4807 San Felipe St, at 7:30-9:00 pm. She will be reading with Rosemary Catacalos, the 2013 Texas Poet Laureate. The Concert for Peace combines an interesting and creative format of music, poetry and periods of silence for meditation and reflection. Previous musical artists have included Mercury, Aperio, Apollo String Quartet, Melissa Givens, and many others. This year's theme is "God's peace is often at odds with the powers, fears and prejudices of the secular world". 
  • Sharon Worley and Nan Toole, two WiVLA members shine at a new art space in the Memorial / Energy Corridor Area, Houston Art Gallery & Boutique located at 14520 Memorial Dr. #16, Houston, TX 77079. The space is intended to be an artists' haven, a place where artists and art lovers can spend time talking about art in a very cool setting. We will be creating a reception area with a piano, comfortable furniture, cool ambiance and original artwork for sale. The boutique will also be the home of Edwin Juarez, Haberdasher and Tailor of men's fine clothing and suites. We have a soft opening planned for Saturday Sept. 1 with an artists reception on Friday, Sept. 7, 6:00 -8:00 pm. Regular business hours, Monday - Saturday, 10am -7pm beginning Monday, Sept. 3. Participating Artists Include: Angela Rose Walling, Sharon Worley, Leticia Garcia, Nan Toole, Meghna Patil, and more... Angela Rose will feature some of her fun style in dresses and accessories that are made from her own original artwork. 
  • [Editor's choice to run edited news again.] Jane Chance has multiple news items. 1) Jane tells us that her book, Tolkien, Self and Other: “This Queer Creature” (Palgrave 2016) "has been shortlisted for best book on the Inklings at the Mythopoeic Society, meeting in Atlanta for their annual meeting so I’ll be there just to see what happens (four were shortlisted). Fingers crossed, but competition is fierce."  2) I just had a poem accepted by Mutabilis Press for their anthology on “The Enchantment of the Ordinary,” due out this fall. 3) My second full-length poetry book, “The Middle Ages,” published by Finishing Line Press, will be available Oct. 18; I have a reading scheduled for Nov. 8th at Brazos Books for both that book and “Tolkien, Self and Other” and at Inprint’s First Friday May 3rd 2019.  4) "Also happy to say my session on “Original Medievalist Poetry: Examples, Themes, Approaches” was accepted for the 2019 International Congress on the MIddle Ages at Western Michigan University, May 9-12, 2019.
  • Member Kay Sarver has another, newer video on John Slaby up and running.   Kay's interview videos are at Houston Art Tribe on YouTube  "I'd appreciate any feedback, and certainly wish to include any of you in this conversation about what you do as artists. After all, I do believe we creatives are a close and supportive tribe! This new adventure feels like a continuation of my series of paintings, Studio Junkies. I love talking with artists, seeing where they work, and watching them light up when they speak about their process and their work. It soothes my creative soul!"
    Please feel free to share this, and if you like the video on the Houston Art Tribe Youtube channel, this will help it show up for others to find it, especially if you subscribe. Click for youtube link.
  • Editor’s Note: We know a lot of you are showing your work and getting articles and books published, so we ask you to send the information to by the 25th of each month. We want to support you and come to your openings and readings; timely info to the newsletter gets the word to members and their friends and contacts.


~ Member Debbie Blumberg writes, "I'm looking for any leads on someone who could help me restore a dollhouse. My grandfather made it for me 30-odd years ago. The first floor flooded during Harvey, and I "remediated" it, taking out flooring, some wallpaper etc. Now, it needs new floor, wallpaper and electrical work. I could probably figure out how to do this, but don't have the time. Thanks!" Please send any advice or referral information to Debbie at

~ It's that time of year again! The Call for Entry for ALH's annual art show opens September 1. Our juror this year is Jennie Goldstein from the Whitney in NYC, so it will be another great show for Texas artists. Here is the info for your artists.  Thank you again for your support!
ENTRY DATE:              September 1, 2018
DEADLINE:                  October 31, 2018
AWARDS:                    $4,000 First place, $2,000 Second place, $1,000 Third place
ENTRY FEE:                 $15.00 Fee per image.  Maximum of 4 images per artist.
NOTIFICATION:           November 22, 2018
LOCATION:                 601 Jefferson, Houston, TX
JUROR:                        Jennie Goldstein, Assistant Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art
Jaci Day, Chair,  <
Darlene Abdouch, Vice Chair,  <>

~ClayHouston is having a raffle for a beautiful Eric Stearn bowl.  To see a photo and to purchase tickets, see website:
~ Spring Street Studio Artist Collective Exhibition on view from June 15 through September 9 at Spring Street Studios. The title is Caliente: Evolving Expressions.
The Glassell School of Art is proud to present a series of exhibitions at the Kinder Morgan Building in downtown Houston. The series features artworks by Studio School faculty and students, highlighting the depth and variety of courses that the Glassell School offers. For more information on this exhibition series, contact or 713.639.7500.

Houston Writers Guild (HWG). The Guild has a great website at  that gives the schedule of activities and classes and it features a notice about Indiepalooza, a major writing event scheduled for Saturday, October 20, at Rice University.

~ Public Poetry has a great deal of information on its website this month including  Public Poetry monthly events and call for submissions and contests. Click the blue link for PP's great colorful and informative web page.   

~Also, the Fuente Collective is sponsoring writing events this month. Find them at   

~  Visual Arts Alliance The Visual Arts Alliance (VAA) website is a great resource for all news and events scheduled by the organization. Click

~ Archway Gallery has a great website: Click here to go to the website. Monthly exhibits and special events including the popular Figure Drawing Sessions, Latenight Pie, Wine and Art Dinners and great monthly exhibits.

~Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts (TALA) has a good website at and it lists the events and workshops that they sponsor. 
Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts was formed in 1979 to meet the legal and accounting needs of artists and art nonprofit organizations across the State of Texas. TALA volunteers throughout Texas handle more than 250 matters per year. In 2016, TALA began serving inventors in the Patent Pro Bono Program.

~ Houston Art Alliance site

~ 14 Pews located at 800 Aurora Street, Houston TX 77009 is a space for cultural events, theater, films, readings, and more. Visit them at this site

~ Wordsmyth Theater at is a "Houston-based playwright’s theater dedicated to the development of new theatrical works from formative stages through full production." They have just sponsored the Texas Playwrights Festival and have an active calendar throughout the year. Find them at the link above.
Literary Events -- Call for Entries
Inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement by WiVLA. We recommend you research each contest and opportunity and contact the sponsor(s).
A former WiVLA member sent a helpful list of about 20 literary opportunities. Click here to pull up the page with the information and organizational names. Many thanks to the creator of the list!

WOW! Lots of good information, contests, and events are available -- Check out Gulf Coast - A Journal of Literature and Fine Arts very excellent website for news of current competitions and events. The link is here.
Inprint opens its doors at 1520 West Main on the first Friday of every month from 9 am to 12 noon for a writing cafe. Any and all writers looking for a pleasant morning space in which to write are welcome. For information, click here.

"One of the Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers" is Inspiring stories of writing success and competition information.

Does Kallisto Gaia Press have anything new going on? Please see this link. See for details.
3rd Coast Books is now accepting fiction and non-fiction submissions in several genres. Please go to: to find out more about this innovative and commercial publisher.
Visual Events -- Call for Entries
Inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement by WiVLA. We recommend you research each contest and opportunity and contact the sponsor(s).
FreshArts, of which we are members, has many opportunities for artists listed on their website here. Their motto is "Where Art Meets Opportunity" -- a cousin or sibling of WiVLA's  mission.
Rona Lesser shares the site with WiVLA. It's a fascinating commercial art site and its magazine is particularly engrossing with a variety of articles such as a recent one, "This New Website Is Offering Free Art Lessons from Professors and Artists." Check it out at this link. Click the Magazine button to scroll through the latest articles.

Check out the great website for Artadia. The group has an impressive mission statement and is sponsoring a call for entries for financial awards in the Houston area. Click website: and be sure and scroll to information about Houston competition.

CaFE for Artists is the leading online application and adjudication system for managing calls for entry. The website is   This is a stunning collection of news and opportunities.
If you shop at Randall's, tie your account to WiVLA (#5341).  You can do this at the customer service counter once, and from then on, WiVLA will benefit every time you shop!

Amazon Smile provides your favorite nonprofit with a percentage of the purchase each time you go through Amazon Smile to get to Women in the Visual and Literary Arts is listed and can be chosen as your favorite charity or nonprofit. Please see article above in newsletter with special link.

Please forward WiVLA Voices to all your friends who might be interested in WiVLA. BRING A FRIEND TO OUR NEXT MEETING!

The editor acknowledges and thanks the site pixabay for free images xxx

Upcoming Events

WiVLA Monthly Meeting
Artist INC: What It Did For Me and What It Can Do For You
Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Gather: 5:45 pm
Archway Gallery
2305 Dunlavy
Houston TX 77006

Deadline for S P A C E collaboration
On or before Saturday, Sept. 15

Visual art and written work
submitted according to prospectus
Go to this link for details.

Cultured Cocktails
Thursday, October 4, 2018
5:00 to 8:00 pm
Boheme Bar and Cafe
near Fairview at Taft
Houston TX


WIVLA Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Archway Gallery
2305 Dunlavy
Houston TX 77006

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