“It’s not how far I can go….it’s about how many I can bring along.” - our very own Zita Giraldo

We are abundantly thrilled – WiVLA hosted a very successful show, Abundant, at the Cloisters Gallery.  Forty-five works of art were displayed beautifully, efforts of love and energy created by twenty-three of our artists.  Opening night was a festive affair, complete with our poetry-reciting juror, John Runnels, a table laden with delicious treats from Judy Shamp’s kitchen, and many friends and acquaintances who came to view and discuss the bountiful art.

It is abundantly clear to me that we are a community of artists, writers, and creatives who support, invigorate, teach, and enjoy each other’s journey along our creative paths.  It’s the way we bring each other along with us, and how we all grow in the process.  It’s the way that one artist’s work will incite another artist’s ideas, and, even in Texas, they will snowball, gathering more depth and complexity along the way.   We bring each other along, and become heroines for one another.

And so we move forward, with a WiVLA future that is full of possibilities.  The ECO Fund drawing will be held in April.  We will bring two new lucky members along with us to further their creative lives.  Come to hear last year’s ECO Fund winners report on their projects, and then celebrate as they pick next year’s winners.

Renewal, a show at the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center in August, will help the community mark the rebuilding of the surrounding community during the recent years’ floods. WiVLA has been invited to join the commemoration and celebration of the neighborhood community with visual art and literary pieces that reflect that theme. See the article and link for the prospectus.

March’s meeting was an opportunity to hear memoirist Donna Johnson speak about “Finding the Poetic Truth” in one’s writing. She spoke eloquently and later signed her memoir Holy Ghost Girl. She will return next fall for a WiVLA writing workshop. See the article about her visit.

Possibilities…..my favorite word. Join us for Cultured Cocktails at Bar Boheme on April 20 for an evening of spreading WiVLA’s word – literally and visually. We have fun activities planned so that patrons who come to their happy hour will learn about us and enjoy the great possibilities that WiVLA exemplifies. We can bring them along to share future meetings, events, possibilities and challenges. See the Cultured Cocktails article for further details.

Cori Austin

"An ekphrastic poem is like a jolt of electricity surging through a work of art."
- Patricia Smith, ARTLines2

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