Opportunity is everywhere, and it is especially noticeable here at WiVLA: Occasions to meet women artists, writers, and performers. Availability of interesting programs, which stimulate and educate. New collaborations, exhibitions, and reading events. And, of course, our ECO Fund Award.

ECO stands for “economic and cultural opportunity” – see? There it is again:  opportunity. Many of our past grants have made a huge difference in our members’ creative lives – trips for research, workshops around the world, equipment that was needed to move from amateur to professional status, computers to make managing the creative work more efficient; the list is as varied as our members. But all of them took a chance, they created a dream, they put their name in the hat, and they believed it might be possible.

What’s to lose? All it takes is a few minutes to fill out the form delineating that dream, and send it in. All we do here on the board is verify your membership (two consecutive years of paid dues), and then your name goes in the hat. Two winners will be chosen, a writer and a visual artist or performer.  It’s all luck, it has nothing to do with the sentence structure of your proposal (although we do hope if you are a writer, it shows promise!) There is only one tiny requirement:  a twenty-minute program the following year which describes how you answered your dream.

“I never wi-“ “I am not luc-“ “This will never hap-“ “Why both-" Stop that right now! In the words of our intrepid Vice President, Lee Steiner, “Why not me?”  We all deserve the gift of opportunity. It is knocking on someone’s door, begging to be let in. What if it was your door, and you didn’t apply?

Applications are due April 6, either by mail or an attachment online to info@wivla.org so you still have a few days to submit.

And, don’t miss our April Meeting: Last year’s ECO Fund winners, Kay McStay and Mary Riggs Ramain will present their ECO Fund reports so we can all enjoy the fruits of their opportunity. Then….drum roll…..two new winners will be chosen!

Cori Austin

"An ekphrastic poem is like a jolt of electricity surging through a work of art."
- Patricia Smith, ARTLines2

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