Hello to all of the Creative Women in WiVLA! I am eager to “gavel on” in this presidential journey to further WiVLA’s presence and commitment to its members. One goal of mine is to grow our membership and include younger and varied voices in our mission. One way we can all work toward this is to wear our WiVLA energy and let others know about WiVLA's existence. Not only can we encourage creatives who may not think they are ready for a group like ours, but also we can make certain that emerging and established artists and writers in the area know what we have to offer.

January’s meeting was an energetic expression of ideas and opinions about WiVLA’s former Gold Key Scholarship money. Many ideas were broached, and it will fuel positive decision-making. (See our February 2017 newsletter.)

The Abundant Exhibition’s entry deadline has just passed, and I was extremely delighted to see entry after entry ping through my inbox. Every person who entered can look forward to furthering her own art, joining hands with the others in a unique experience of showing together, and knowing each other with more understanding. All members and nonmembers who attend our shows will join that circle of artists and become part of something that is bigger than us as individuals. We are on a mission!

Keep in mind that there is a future show in August, Renewal, which will be held at the Jewish Community Center. It will speak to the renewal of the community after the flooding of the nearby neighborhoods. It is a secular theme, not religious in focus or intent. This show will include both written work and visual art. More details will appear in April.

I look forward to serving you and serving WiVLA in these next two years. Always feel free to send me and the board your ideas and thoughts.

Cori Austin

"An ekphrastic poem is like a jolt of electricity surging through a work of art."
- Patricia Smith, ARTLines2

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