Now in our 25th year, I think about the spirit of the women who first began WiVLA. Did they know that they were forming a group, a network, a tribe even, of women who, a quarter of a century later, would still be making a positive impact?

How else could WiVLA members have held over 250 meetings, mounted dozens of exhibitions, published volumes of anthologies, and given scholarships, grants, workshops, readings, and more? Maybe they realized that “you are who you spend time with” and chose to surround themselves with others who lifted them up, energized them, and supported their endeavors. These purposeful relationships with other creatives must also have impacted their overall well-being and increased their happiness quotients significantly.

Now, as always, WiVLA welcomes women expressing all media of creativity. Make it a goal to spend more time with creative women who are smart, focused, and likeminded. Start this month, by coming to the WiVLA meeting on February 19th for an inspiring demonstration of what creating a SoulCollage® can do for you. Time alone at your craft is good but taking time to share your own company with other artists in a supportive network of relationships is equally important. Come by yourself, or bring a friend, and experience the WiVLA warmth that has kept our membership a vibrant force in the community for our first 25 years.

I am so proud to be the newest president of WiVLA! I may be a little nervous about it but surrounded by this glorious tribe of imaginative women, I, too, can easily picture a rewarding future for our members.

Lee Steiner

"An ekphrastic poem is like a jolt of electricity surging through a work of art."
- Patricia Smith, ARTLines2

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