January….the beginning of our new year. The next meeting is our sharing circle, “How do you jumpstart your creativity?” A worthy topic for January, don’t you think? WiVLA’s watchword is often ‘collaboration.’ It is something we do that separates us from other arts organizations. Collaboration is also something that inspires creative growth by all parties involved. Those of us who have collaborated on WiVLA projects know this first hand.

Donna Perkins participated in a WiVLA panel at the Writers’ Family Reunion in November. She told the story of meeting a dancer who had recently moved to town. He asked her if she was interested in going with him to his practices, and so Donna took her drawing materials with her. For several years, a series of Donna’s abstract visuals included lines that represented movements performed by her dancer friend. This was a huge part of Donna’s art journey, and it was jumpstarted by…collaboration.

WiVLA members experience a form of collaboration and inspiration during every meeting. Our programs provide a variety of topics and many of us get to hear about a different type of creative output than what we personally do. Thinking outside of our usual artform is a helpful way for creative genesis to occur. Let those new ways of expression give you needed oomph in your own field or even lead you to consider branching out into something new.

A writer friend of mine often begins her writing sessions with a pad of paper and a pencil….and then she doodles. She lets go of the pressure of words by opening up her mind to free-form pencil dancing. From there, she moves smoothly into her poetry.

So, the word of the year may be collaboration. Be open to its opportunity and resolve to make connections with other art forms different than your own. As Karleen Koen, one of our Founding Mothers, said (paraphrasing Gertrude Stein), “Creativity is creativity is creativity.”

Cori Austin

"An ekphrastic poem is like a jolt of electricity surging through a work of art."
- Patricia Smith, ARTLines2

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