I’m in Minneapolis for the holidays, visiting family and old friends. That, in itself, is joy enough, but last evening snow fell for several hours. At first big fluffy flakes drifted slowly from above, then the snow came faster and more intense, and several hours later when I came out of my sister’s home, I was struck by the pristine perfection of this newly whited world, covered with winter’s blanket.

The city lay quiet, most people staying home and off the roads, the snow muffling the few distant street sounds. Flakes pinged my face as I brushed the car clean. Against the streetlights, I could see golden haloed flakes, small snowstorms below each lamp. Oh, how I wanted to save and savor this time, this perfect white world of peace and stillness.

This awareness is a creative’s opportunity to share the passion, to translate this palpable emotion into a form that she is able to save and share.  We make meaning and uncover clarity through our creativity. There is magic in seeing something emerge from our experience, a tangible piece of art or writing or music, which in turn can excite and open another’s heart to this moment, without even being there.*

So, here I reach out to you, words in hand, gifting you with that white night’s wonder and beauty. Let us be that for each other this coming year, exciting and entrancing one another with art’s magic, sharing moments of beauty so that we can all experience them.

It is with poignant appreciation that I write my last President’s Message for WiVLA. These last two years have been an amazing opportunity to facilitate growth, community, and creativity in WiVLA’s members.  I thank all of you for what you give to each other and what you do for this organization. Welcome, Lee Steiner, to the President’s page!

*Assistance from Making Art A Practice, by Cat Bennett

Cori Austin

"An ekphrastic poem is like a jolt of electricity surging through a work of art."
- Patricia Smith, ARTLines2

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