“Name one moment that drastically changed your life” was printed on the nametag that I filled out at the latest Creative Mornings gathering.   Looking back at many moments, I remembered the request offered to me one long-ago WiVLA Literary evening at Archway. “Would you consider being the Literary Co-Chair?” Gulp. Swallow. I was just at the fringes of seeing myself as a “real” poet, I didn’t know many women in WiVLA, and I was not sure I could take on the position in this group of women who seemed so sure of themselves and their creativity.

But jump in I did, and felt at home immediately. I found sisterhood and camaraderie among the board members, and I grew to know many other members. Then opportunities for exhibitions and readings came about, and with growing confidence, I entered them.  WiVLA not only changed my sense of who I was as a creative woman, it gave me challenge and opportunity, support and fellowship.  It continues to further my creative practice in so many ways.

What I wish for you are moments that change your life, and I hope that WiVLA can bring some of them. Join us as we have a late dinner after our regular meetings – we’ve been loving The Brasil Café lately. The conversation at dinner helps us know each other better and fosters new friendships.  The newsletter provides many events in which our members will soon participate.  Support them by attending, viewing, listening, reading. Check out the listings of visual art and literary opportunities available in the near future. Challenge yourself to enter something you never have before.

As we look forward to our forthcoming show, Abundant, I hope everyone involved, whether artist, board member, viewer, or supporter of a visual-artist friend, will think of her own journey to the creative place in which she stands. Look inward and reflect on the abundance that WiVLA brings to your life: the joy and challenge of creativity, the friendships, the cooperative work involved in staging our own exhibitions, and what lies ahead in the future. Join others in the opening reception at the Cloisters Gallery, Friday, March 3,  6-8 pm for the opening reception of Abundant.  Further details are below.

Cori Austin

"An ekphrastic poem is like a jolt of electricity surging through a work of art."
- Patricia Smith, ARTLines2

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