Hats off to WiVLA!

Well, actually, hats on. WiVLA hosted Cultured Cocktails at Bar Boheme on April 20, and sporting some lovely headgear, we introduced bar patrons to WiVLA. In the process, we earned a percentage of their 5:00-8:00 pm drink proceeds, and just as important, we had so much fun together! Next year's event promises to be even better.

Our ECO Award presentations were marvelous! Both Lilibeth Andre and Lee Steiner had fascinating projects, and they both explained them thoroughly and delightfully. It was amazing to see and hear how $1,000 can help a woman accomplish her goals! A few gasps later, Mary Riggs Ramain and Kay McStay's names were picked from the boxes of names as our 2017 ECO Award winners. I could sense calendars flashing through their thoughts as they planned the coming year’s activities.

The last day of March was the joint WiVLA-Houston Book Arts Guild 2nd Annual Books2Eat Festival. And festival it was! The variety and creativity of edible titles was delicious and that was even before we started tasting everything. If you have never joined in on the fun, either as spectator or participant, please start brainstorming now for next year’s Festival. It’s a library full of fun!

May’s meeting promises to be stimulating and thought-provoking. “Women’s Acts of Defiance: Videos, Literary and Visual Art Responses to the Intolerable” will be presented thanks to the access Kay Adshead has to an assortment of videos and to WiVLA members who will share their own responses.

Put June 11 on your calendar: WiVLA will visit the Cistern in downtown Houston. See details later in this newsletter. A former actual cistern for water collection, this space has now become the location of multimedia art installations. What better way to enjoy this amazing space than with your WiVLA friends!

So, as you see, women of WiVLA are having a great time with each other. The more you join in, the more good experiences there are to be had. Is anyone interested in a book club? A regular movie gathering? Maybe outings to some of our treasured museums? We now have a WiVLA Facebook group just for members. We can post opportunities and respond to each others' ideas. Click here to join!

See the news item later in the newsletter to learn about this new WiVLA feature and how it will help us stay connected. Keep the Renewal show in your line of vision – the entry period for both literary and visual arts works is May 1 through June 15. The opening will be August 20. How have you experienced renewal? Let that experience flow into a piece of literary or visual art for this show. See the article later in this newsletter for the prospectus.

Ready? So many opportunities are forthcoming; such creative fun calls. Grab your hat! Let’s go!

Cori Austin

"An ekphrastic poem is like a jolt of electricity surging through a work of art."
- Patricia Smith, ARTLines2

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