Some of us thought we were all done dating, didn’t we! Nope. Not yet.

I actually have really tried speed dating. Ten women sit with an empty chair beside them and ten men get to sit for six minutes next to each woman and they (theoretically) get to know each other a bit. The comment I most often heard at the end of the six minutes was “Gee, I didn’t find out anything about you.” Well, maybe if you had not launched into your six-minute spiel and asked a few questions, you’d be better informed, I often thought. I came away from that evening thinking I’d never do that again!

You never know! Fast forward to pre-Collaboration WiVLA, and we find outselves looking for a collaboration partner. Why not speed dating?

What a fun way to meet a lot of WiVLA members! And if you’re unsure about the Collaboration, it’s a fun way just to find out about other members and become better acquainted. Last year, everyone came away from the event saying, “That was so much fun!” You may find someone that you know you’ll enjoy working with, and a Collaboration will raise its hand and say, “You two should really do this together!”

If you’re fairly new to WiVLA and are wondering how to meet others in our organization, we realize that 20 minutes and a glass of mix-and-mingle wine is not enough. The best ways of getting to know other members include committee work, volunteering, dinner after our meetings, WiVLA tables at functions, WiVLA outings (ie The Moth earlier this month), and Collaborations and other shows and readings (LaPorte on June 9!). These are opportunities in so many different ways.

We have many new members in WiVLA, and many who have not had the opportunity to do a  Collaboration yet. This year is your year! You will awaken something very wonderful between the two (or more) of you and give it to the rest of us. Plan to be at May’s meeting and meet as many members as you can! You may find a lifelong friend!

Cori Austin

"An ekphrastic poem is like a jolt of electricity surging through a work of art."
- Patricia Smith, ARTLines2

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