And a good time was had by all…is the trite expression of success of an event. How would we measure the opening at Brazosport on September 17? By the number who attended? By the enthusiasm of those who came?  By sales made for the “Windows Anthology?” By art sold? By compliments given to writers, artists and to WiVLA?  By the tastiness of the repast underwritten by Vickie Melass of Allstate Insurance? By the beauty of the venue and the welcoming of the Brazosport Art League? In fact by any measure the opening of “Windows” was a huge glorious success.

We can’t begin to thank our Visual Co-Chairs Jo Zider and Peggy Sexton for all the hard work and tender loving care that their year’s worth of effort produced at Brazosport.  The “Windows Anthology” was a highlight of the evening.  WiVLA member Julie Howard deserves all the credit for the design, set-up, layout and printing of the anthologies. Over a dozen WiVLA volunteers under the direction of Lee Steiner hand bound the anthologies which are still available for purchase for $12.00 from Each collaboration participant received a copy of the limited edition as a keepsake for her work in making the show possible.

Collaboration for WiVLA is a signature event. We are unique because we combine creative women, artists and writers, not only in our organization but in a formal process that allows us to work together combining our creative endeavors in collaboration. We will have a collaboration opportunity when we work with the Jewish Community Center in an event in August 2017. The theme for the show is “Renewal,” and writers and artists will be asked to participate. It will be a show where we can contribute as individuals or in collaboration with another WiVLA member. We are still developing the guidelines for the show, but you may want to reflect on the topic to be ready when the Prospectus comes out. 

Part of WiVLA’s mission is to provide venues where our artists and writers can show their work. In this newsletter you will find the Prospectus for “Abundant” the WiVLA show that will open in February 2017 at Christ Church Cathedral’s Cloisters in downtown Houston. This show will be juried by John Runnels. Submissions for the show will be accepted December 1, 2016 through January 27, 2017. We are grateful to Jo Zider who worked with the staff at the Cloisters to make this show happen.

As 2016 is goes into the 4th quarter, WiVLA is ready for two shows in 2017. The Readings at Archway Gallery are again slated for this November 17.  My reoccurring thought is: Why WiVLA? 

Recently as I read about show that the Whitney in New York is having for painter Carmen Herrera, I hoped that other women artists would not have to live to be 101 like Herrera to get their first solo show in a major museum. Cynically I mused why “Carmen Herrera: Lines of Sight” is on the eighth floor gallery and not the larger gallery on five which could have contained a retrospective exhibit of her seven decades of work. But, if you get a space at the Whitney you are unlikely to complain. Certainly however, your friends and admirers should!

Given this example along with countless others, I believe that WiVLA is a viable and necessary organization. But, but, but----even if we had total parity in the creative world, would we want to give up the opportunity to meet and work with like-minded creative women in an atmosphere of support and caring? This is an easy “vote” which you can do when you renew your membership at the end of the year or when you encourage your friends to join us. Those joining now for the first time will be “grand mothered” into membership through 2017. Not, why WiVLA, but NOW WiVLA.

Jane Mulholland

"An ekphrastic poem is like a jolt of electricity surging through a work of art."
- Patricia Smith, ARTLines2

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